Big news today! I’m excited to say that Fear Is A Mirror is available to purchase for Amazon Kindle today!

fear Hi Refinal finished
Your fears are a reflection of your true self.

What is Fear Is A Mirror, you ask? Well, aside from sounding achingly pretentious, it’s an anthology of twenty-five short creepy stories written by myself and my friend Joe Butler. We’ve been working like crazy on it for the past few months, tweaking and prodding to get things just right. We put the final touches to it the other night, and now it’s available to buy from the Amazon Kindle store.

So if you fancy being spooked out by ghosts and demons and psychotic faeries (and whatever Scratchyhands is), or you want to glimpse into alternate dimensions of varying bleakness and GRIMDARK, then I urge you to pick up a copy. And if you like it, a nice review goes a long way!

You can get it HERE!

Also, hey! Did you know that at the start of the year, I released my first proper novel, Broken Bird? Well, Joe, who is a much better artist than me, knocked up an awesome new cover for it!

broken bird cover JB
Innocence lost.

Broken Bird is my take on the whole paranormal romance shtick. You know it goes, girl meets boy, boy has a secret… and then it gets pretty damn dark. One of my proofreaders said it was like Twilight, as if written by Stephen King or Grant Morrison. Make of that what you will. Or make up your own mind by buying it HERE!

Two novels to my name feels pretty good (well, one and a half I suppose, what with Fear being an anthology), but there’s no time to rest. Onwards and upwards! There’s always more to write, and rest assured, you’ll find out about it all soon enough.





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