The Disease Spreads

A few days ago, Ian and I sat down and had a few games of Age of Sigmar with our new-ish armies. I took my Nurgle force, and Ian took his Locorksts – Orks Orruks that have been painted to resemble the Locust enemies from Gears of War. 

Even though I had some recently-painted Nurglings and a Herald, Ian still had more stuff than me, as most of his Boyz were his 40k army, given a new breath of life for Age of Sigmar. We kept things vaguely balanced by taking 50-Wound armies (which was the most I could field anyway!), but aside from that we were just going to roll dice and have some fun.


Uncle Fester’s Carnival of Rot; Lord of Plagues, Nurgle Herald, Putrid Blightkings, Nurglings, and two Spawn.


Warboss Skorge’s Locorkst Uprising; Warboss with two choppas, ‘Ardboyz (unpainted), Shoota Drones (Arrer Boyz), Boomers (Leadbelchers), and Wretches (Gnoblars).

I quickly ran Ian through the turn structure and his unit’s Battlescrolls, and then we were off!

The Blightkings advance through the aquarium decorations.


“Fer da Queen! WAAAAGH!” I was in need of a Lightmass bomb.

Even though Ian’s Leadbelchers and Arrer Boyz managed to blast apart one of my Spawn, my Blightkings waded in and proceeded to take on all-comers. I only have a small gaming table, so without much room to maneuver, things devolved into a huge ruck in the middle. The dice gods weren’t smiling on Ian’s ‘Ardboyz, and the Blightkings ground them down in a gruelling slog of attrition. Meanwhile, my Nurglings and other Spawn were off giving the Grots some problems…

Battle of the ankle-biters.


It should be noted that this Spawn only managed to kill a single Grot in the entire game.

In the end, it was a foregone conclusion; although the Leadbelchers waded in (and it was only at this point Ian realised that the big lugs were actually damn good in melee), I was getting lucky with the Blightkings, and kept rolling 6s on their hit rolls for their blighted weapons (if a Blightking rolls a 6 to hit, that hit multiplies into d6 hits) and causing all kinds of merry hell. Still, we had fun; I liked the synergies and little rules of my Nurgle units; the Lord of Plagues handing out Nurgle’s Rot to friends and foe alike, the Blightkings healing nearby Nurgle units, the Nurglings who have to be killed in a single turn or they’ll just regenerate… plus I liked that I only had 12 models on the table and was comfortably holding my own!

We had a second game as well, a bit smaller this time, in which we tried a house-rule of alternating phases; rather than each player having their whole turn and passing priority, we tried a you-move, I-move, you-shoot, I-shoot approach, and that worked pretty well. It was my turn to apply the soothing cream in that game though, as a Waaagh!-boosted unit of ‘Ardboyz made short work of my Blightkings and Nurglings.

On the whole, we both had fun. There was a lot of referring back to the Battlescrolls, but that’s normal when you’re playing a new game with a new army. I’m sure in time the stats for our models will burn themselves into our memory just as surely as previous Warhammer rules.

The next time we play, we’re going to try and get a bigger table (which may mean an excursion out to a gaming club to use a table there) just so things don’t turn into a giant scrum in the middle of the table. I mean, it’s still Fantasy, not 40k, so shooting is fairly limited or short-ranged, but it would be nice to have several distinct engagements rather than big blob.  We’re also going try a house-rule inspired by 1-Page 40k and try alternating activation of units – so you would choose a unit and do their entire move, shoot, charge, fight, and then your opponent would choose one of their units, and so on, back and forth – and see how that plays out.

As mentioned, I had a Herald and some Nurglings that had been freshly painted; I bought the Getting Started kit for Nurgle Daemons the evening before the game, giving a whole lot of plastic to play around with. I only had time to get the Herald and Nurglings ready and quickly painted, but since then I’ve put the Plaguebearers together and painted them too!


Bilebelcher the Herald. I may have actually gone slightly overboard with the heavy black wash on this guy!


The kids.


Vexvomit’s Plaguebearer band.


More Plaguebearers.

All I’ve got left to do now is the fiddly-as-hell Plague Drones, and that’s my latest batch of Nurgle stuff completed. After that, who knows? I’m toying with the idea of some River Trolls Felwater Troggoths, just because the models are gross, bloated, vomiting toad-like abominations; perfect for Nurgle! What else? A wizard? Festus the Leechlord would be good, as he has a lot of cool rules. But what about a wizard riding a giant, gross, monster? Hmm…


I wonder…

As for Ian, who knows what he’ll add to his Orruk horde? More ‘Ardboyz? I know he’s been hungrily eyeing up the new Ironjawz Brutes and Megaboss; these could represent Theron Guards and General RAAM in his horde! Whatever he goes for, I’m sure I’ll be on the receiving end pretty soon…





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