Rise of the Rot

Once again, I’m flirting with that diabolical corporation and peddler of plastic soldiers, Games Workshop. I keep trying to get away, but their hooks are in too deep. First it was Deathwatch Overkill that dragged me back in, and then there’s the awesome dungeon-crawling sweetness that is Silver Tower… they’re geniuses.

So, a whole year ago, I was pretty excited about Age of Sigmar. Why wouldn’t I be? A fresh new take on the stagnant Fantasy universe, with gorgeous new models and free (!!) rules. A lot of the initial venom about AoS has diluted, and more and more people seem to be coming round to it. I’m all on board; I want a fun, casual tabletop game where I can field whatever I want. The lack of a points system is a stumbling block for some people, but the more and more I’ve thought about it, the less it matters to me. I’m only going to be playing Age of Sigmar with a few friends, and none of us are total dickbags, so things will be pretty relaxed and civil.

Darryl picked up the starter set last year, and we’ve managed to squeeze in a few games between all the RPing. But I wanted some of my own models, and I’d always liked the look of the Blightkings set…

I mean, how could you not?
I mean, how could you not?

Needless to say, I picked up a box after a particularly good day at work as a little treat to myself, and before I knew it I had assembled and painted them all. Then I was getting some Spawn and a Lord of Plagues, and next thing I’m doing is browbeating Ian into getting some of the sextacular new Ironjaw Orruks.

I’ve always been a Chaos player at heart. Sure, I’ve dabbled with other factions; Blood Ravens and Orks in 40k, but my soul’s always belonged to the Dark Gods. In my heyday, I’ve run Tzeentch Mortals (5th ed Fantasy), Word Bearers (3rd and 3.5 edition 40k) and Death Guard (5th edition 40k). Khorne and Slaanesh have never really done anything for me; give me decay and mind-bullets any day! It helps as well that Nurgle and Tzeentch play up to my preferred play styles; I love the relentless footslogging hordes of Nurgle, and the onslaught of magic/psychic powers and general Lovecraftian gribbliness of Tzeentch.

So, naturally, when I pick up Silver Tower, that’ll be my Tzeentch dudes taken care of. For now however, let me show off what I’ve painted so far, to start the grand carnival of rot in the Eight Realms…

Disclaimer! I’m a fast painter, not a good painter. I like to get something to a tabletop standard, which usually involves flat colours and a heavy black wash. I’m happy with the results, and who cares anyway? I’m not trying to win any contests.


Coathanger-Head, my Lord of Plagues. I gave him a spare Blightking head instead of the one he came with. Yes, I realise his antlers will get caught up in his shoulder spikes, but no-one said you had to make sensible fashion decisions to become a Chaos lord.


My Burger Blightking champion. I sort of love/am repulsed by that one of his arms is basically just a bloated cancerous lump.


Old Sieve-Face, the first Blightking I painted. You couldn’t ask for a simpler recipe; Bugman’s Glow skin, Ushabti Bone armour, DRENCH the whole thing in watered-down Mournfang Brown to make it grungy and shit-stained, then details in Waagh! Flesh and Tamiya Chrome and Gold Leaf (I don’t use GW metallics, I find them far too watery), and Nuln Oil. Takes about an hour, start to finish.


The standard bearer. I love the hooded/chain-veil/antler head. The Blightking set is amazing, but it presents some real Sophie’s Choices for modelling; standard bearer or massive scythe? Big honking bell, or big honking axe?


And here’s the whole gang of them. I’m sort of not 100% happy with the guy on the far right, I love the very Nurglesque-single-horn helmet, but his pose with two swords is a bit off. Eh. Frigging love the guy with the bell; he’s essentially a fat naked man with only a dirty apron to protect the world from the sight of his turgid leprous cock.



I put some Spawn together as well. That’s a damn fun kit to mess around with. I feel like there’s probably a bit more I can do with these guys, but it might be because they’re primarily flesh-coloured and look weird next to the mostly-armoured bone-coloured Blightkings and Lord. The nice thing about the Spawn is that I could use them as Spawn, or possibly proxy them as Beasts of Nurgle.

Anyway, the next thing on my shopping list is the “Getting Started” box of Nurgle Daemons; that’ll boost my fledgling force with some Plaguebearers, Plague Drones, Nurglings and a Herald for a very respectable price. Geez, there I go again, saying that a GW product is good value for money… after that box though, I think I’ll be done with the Nurgle stuff as I’ll have a fairly solid chunk of stuff, more that enough to square up against Stormcasts, Bloodbound, and whatever Ian’s planning…


Yep, not content with smashing gits in the grimdark far future, the Locorksts have invaded Age of Sigmar! Ian picked up a load of Black Orcs – or ‘Ardboyz as they’re now known – on eBay for cheap, and we have a game scheduled for this Saturday, so we’ll see how my stinky Nurgle dudes hold up to some full-on orruk aggression!




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