D&D Sixguns & Sinners: QUICK SHOTS

It’s been a while since I provided an update for our Wierd West D&D game; like Christmas, the Easter holidays are usually fairly hectic so it’s been tough to get everyone together. We managed to get two quick sessions in though, which is better than nothing!

I figured a quick rundown of key events of the last few sessions would be better than a full write-up (which, to be honest, I’m finding more and more of a chore to do), so here we go…

So, when we left the group, they were busy facing down a filth demon in the streets of Tributary Falls, summoned by the Quiet Brother Amadeus Locke.


  • The fight against the demon was tough; it resisted mortal weapons, regenerated its wounds, and had toxic claws. But the fight could’ve been a lot tougher; I totally forgot that Jeb had a couple of vials of holy water, which he used to anoint John’s cavalry sabre. John got a couple of good hits in and destroyed the creature, though he fell victim to the filth demon’s diseased touch (he got better).
  • Magnus wanted to keep Amadeus Locke alive for questioning, but Jeb killed the Quiet Brother with the ceremonial knife. Instead, they took Magnus’s friend Jace and after some friendly interrogation, he sold out his employers and told Jeb and the Dwytes about the Quiet Brother’s plans.
  • Apparently the QBs were planning some kind of ritual or attack in New Varn, the capital. It was going to be during a big wedding, which was going to be attended by all manner of government and military bigwigs. Beyond that, Jace didn’t have any other information; all he knows that the QBs are getting genuinely worried about the constant intervention from the Dwytes and Jeb.
  • The group “appropriated” Locke’s stagecoach and traveled in style to New Varn. Along the way, Jace had a few quiet words with John. He hasn’t seen fit to share what was discussed with his companions.
  • Upon arriving in New Varn, Jace left them and Jeb took them to a burlesque house called The Velvet Birdcage to relax before the imminent violence of the next few days. He’s old friends with the madam, Elsa Debouvier, and while the Dwytes are entertained, Jeb has a private conversation with Elsa.
  • The evening is going fine, when who should walk in but Morgan the Branded, leader of the Red Brand gang! Last time the group tangled with him, it ended badly for him, and along with all his men that they’ve killed, he’s wouldn’t be too happy to see them.
  • The three of them hid from Morgan and attempted various ways of assassinating him. None went according to plan, so the whole thing devolved into a shoot-out. Morgan put some serious holes in them with his volcano gun and Apostle powers, but three on one is still three on one, and they chipped him down. Jeb attempted to throw the ceremonial knife at him, but missed.
  • Morgan ran from the burlesque house and the group gave chase out into the streets… and right into a gang of militia, lawmen, and the mysterious butler! They were taken into custody along with Morgan.

The Reaper’s Tally: 2 witches, 5 train robbers, 20 Red Brand gang members, 1 guard dog, Silas Thorn, Jenny the Razor, 4 Fihanna-Fimh warriors, Stone Bear, 6 Biel-Tan warriors, Bernie Dutch, 2 Quiet Brother henchmen, 1 horse, 1 filth demon, Amadeus Locke.

Will they escape jail in time to stop the Quiet Brother’s demonic ritual? Well, hopefully we’ll find out soon…





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