Deathwatch Recruits

So, I’ve been a bit obsessed with Deathwatch Overkill. How obsessed?

Well… I may have bought some more Space Marine kits and made some new Kill-Team members with some homebrew rules. The catalyst was when Ryan and I were looking through the character cards, and noticed that the Dark Angel character, Gydrael, is a bit… awful?… compared to his battle-brothers. In a game where the Deathwatch player doesn’t want his guys to die, what does Gydrael have as a special ability? One last mediocre attack before he dies! Because that’s just as good as Grytt’s frag cannon, Natorian’s psychic powers, and Redblade’s general ass-kicking abilities. Why don’t you love Dark Angels, GW?

Re-rollable Jink and full BS Overwatch isn’t love, it’s chronic masturbation.

So I got to snipping, and now Strike Team Cassius has five new members.

Advance warning; these guys haven’t been playtested yet, so they may be a teeny bit over/underpowered. The fun will be trying to find the balance.

Let’s start off with Gydrael’s replacement, Zahan Ammael, a Dark Angels Apothecary. It seemed strange to me that the Kill Team didn’t have a medic, and although the Deathwatch Marines can all self-heal, sometimes they need a bit of help.

Speed 2, Armour 3+

Plasma Pistol – Assault Range (1 dice, 3+), Combat Range (1 dice, 3+), Maximum Range (-). Cleave.

NartheciumInstead of attacking during a Deathwatch Attack phase, Ammael can use his narthecium to heal a Wounded Deathwatch Marine within Assault Range. That Deathwatch Marine becomes Unwounded, just as if they’d made a Combat Recovery.

As Ammael fills in for Gydrael as a representative of the Dark Angels, Ademus Mordebrecht, the Black Templar Sword Brother, serves Gydrael’s role as a fearsome melee beatstick, good when leading the charge and holding the line. It helps that he looks like a badass old guy as well. I love that hand-on-holstered-sword piece from the Sternguard kit.

Speed 2, Armour 3+

Power Sword – Assault Range (3 dice, 3+), Combat Range (-), Maximum Range (-). Cleave, Rend.

Bolt Pistol (Kraken) – Assault Range (1 dice, 2+), Combat Range (1 dice, 3+), Maximum Range (-).

Bolt Pistol (Hellfire) – Assault Range (1 dice, 5+), Combat Range (1 dice, 5+), Maximum Range (-). Blast.

Combat ShieldEnemies attacking Mordebrecht at Assault Range have a -1 penalty on their attack rolls against him. If a model would normally need to roll 6 to hit, then they are unable to hit Mordebrecht at all. Mordebrecht is immune to Blast attacks.


What can I say about Daxos Koriad? Well, he’s an Iron Snake with a big gun, and will generally be staying near the back, keeping his fellow Devastator Grytt company as he mows down hordes of Genestealers.

Speed 2, Armour 3+

Heavy Bolter – Assault Range (1 dice, 5+), Combat Range (3 dice, 3+), Maximum Range (3 dice, 3+). Rend.

Sustained FireIf Koriad doesn’t move during the Deathwatch Movement phase, he may attack twice with his heavy bolter at Combat and Maximum range in the first Deathwatch Attack phase.

Next up is the Storm Wardens Sternguard Veteran Cormac Aehryn; no Deathwatch Kill Team is complete without an angry Scotsman with a big sword! I may – may – attempt a tartan pattern on the tabard when it comes to painting him. May.

Speed 2, Armour 3+

Storm Bolter (Kraken) and Sacrisan Claymore – Assault Range (3 dice, 3+), Combat Range (2 dice, 3+), Maximum Range (2 dice, 3+). Rend.

Storm Bolter (Hellfire) – Assault Range (1 dice, 4+), Combat Range (1 dice, 4+), Maximum Range (1 dice, 4+). Blast.

Thunderous Fury – When Aehryn is Wounded, he can re-roll failed attack rolls made at targets in Assault Range.

And last of all, we have the Blackshield known only as “Ophidius”.  I wanted a Marine who would appear more “special ops” than the others. He serves as a sniper and saboteur, disrupting his enemies with precision shots and all manner of clandestine tricks. Hmm, a highly skilled operative with a penchant for “dirty warfare”, and his origin unknown to his squad-brothers. How very mysterious and not at all sinister…

Speed 2, Armour 3+

Bolter (Kraken) and Combat Knife – Assault Range (2 dice, 3+), Combat Range (1 dice, 3+), Maximum Range (1 dice, 3+).

Bolter (Hellfire) – Assault Range (1 dice, 5+), Combat Range (1 dice, 5+), Maximum Range (1 dice, 5+). Blast.

Bolter (Stalker) – Assault Range (-), Combat Range (-), Maximum Range (2 dice, 2+). Cleave.

SabotageAt the start of the Deathwatch Movement phase, Ophidius may sabotage the Xenos player, delaying their reinforcements and disarming their traps. Look at the top three cards of the Xenos Deck; you may put any number of those cards on the bottom of the Xenos Deck, and the rest back on top in any order.

(Yes, not “Genestealer player” and “Broodmind deck”… let’s just say I have plans to give the Deathwatch something to fight instead of just Hybrid Cults all the time…)

And all together;

The Knight, the Healer, the Champion, the Snake, and the Enigma.

Now I just need to paint them. Lucky for me they all wear black…



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