Happy new year to you, my Tricerareaders! I hope the holiday period was kind to you; I made out like a bandit with all manner of geeky literature like the omnibus of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the Star Wars Edge of the Empire core book. And on the subject of Star Wars, that The Force Awakens is a bit good, isn’t it?

But enough of that! This year, I’ve made a resolution to self-publish more stuff, and tidy up and reorganise what I’ve already published. Last year was a bit light on offerings, as I only self-published my WW1 horror/ghost story, No Man’s Land, but I spent a good few months writing my own grimdark take on paranormal romance. The result is Broken Bird.

BB v1

My blurb;

Fourteen year-old Becca has just started her summer holidays, and the next few weeks promise to be boring. Her friends are changing and taking the next step on the road to adulthood, and she can’t help but feel that she’s being left behind, even though she’s the one who’s changing the most.

That all changes when she meets Mal, a strange and charming boy who is as perfect as she could hope for. Young love starts to blossom between the two, but her family notice the sinister influence that Mal has over her; an influence that may not be entirely human.

You can purchase Broken Bird for Kindle HERE.

That’s all I’ve got to say today, but we’ll return to our normal schedule of D&D session write ups and other such drivel in due course!

And once again, Happy New Year!



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