Undercity Adventures: Chapter 3 – They’re Getting Away!

After a long hiatus, Em and I have resumed the adventures of the Black River Irregulars. Last time, we had to capture escaping suspects. This time, we have to… oh. Capture escaping suspects. Hm. Ah well, on with it I suppose!

In this mission, our goal was to make sure that a gobber didn’t make it off the board with an important package that was important for the alchemical smuggling ring we were investigating. We had to take him down and retrieve the package for ourselves. Of course, the roaming patrols of thugs were bound to make things difficult.

We started off and the gobber and his trollkin friend made a beeline for the exit. Fortunately the map is laid out so that they have to take a fairly long, winding route, but still… we were in for a chase. There was a gate that could be opened and give us a shortcut, but the control room was on the other side of the board! Thankfully there was a narrow passage in the wall where we started that led straight to the control room, so Canice the gunmage went through to do some technical jiggerypokery.

Meanwhile a patrol of baddies builds up behind us. Apologies for the photo quality, my phone is an unrepentant piece of garbage.

Milo, Pog and Doorstop ran forward while Gardek hung back to serve as a roadblock to the enemy patrol that would be coming to greet us very shortly.

Canice got to the control room and flipped the switch, opening up the gates and giving us a way to cut off the running gobber and trollkin. Milo started carving through thugs thanks to his new Anatomical Precision ability, and Doorstop and Gardek kept breaking heads. But the gobber and trollkin were getting further and further away, and a new patrol had just shown up. Milo threw the fear gas grenade we’d obtained back in chapter 1 at the patrol and knocked them all down, effectively taking them out for a turn. We were rolling a little too well for the bad guys though, and Gardek was starting to take some heavy hits.

Another patrol of guys showed up, this time down near Canice. The gunmage was on her own, and given her track record, it wasn’t looking great for her.

“Boys, boys, one at a time, please.”

However, we didn’t actually have to worry. Thanks to a mix of Feat cards and other shenanigas, Canice managed to take down two of the thugs coming for her, and managed to set up a permanent stun-lock on the ogrun bruiser with her Leveler rune shot.

Pog and Doorstop meanwhile was chasing after the gobber (the trollkin having been smashed by Doorstop), and Gardek was having trouble with some Rhulic mercs. Milo, on the other hand, was positioning himself at the open gate, acid flask ready. Sure enough, Doorstop got bogged down by another enemy patrol, and the gobber got away… only to end up perfectly in range for Milo. One flask of Potent Acid and a boosted damage roll later, the gobber was just a smear on the floor and we had the package!

Now, the mission actually calls for the heroes to retrieve the package themselves and get to the exit, but if I’m honest we couldn’t be bothered; if the gobber and trollkin are both dead, no other enemy can pick up the package and attempt to make off with it, so it seemed a bit of a foregone conclusion. Besides, we had lunch in the oven. Priorities and all that. So we called it there, figuring that there’d be no harm done; in fact we’d probably miss out on some extra experience points! As it was, we hadn’t had time to go and explore the side quests, though given that one of those would’ve spawned a pack of drudges, that may have been for the best.

Then it was time to spend some experience and get some tasty upgrades.

Canice took Rune Shot: Thunderbolt, which will let her do all sorts of forced movement trickery with enemies she shoots. She has 5 XP remaining.

Milo took Concussion Grenade, which means he can now lock down whole squares of enemies by knocking them flat on their behinds. He has 3 XP remaining.

Pog took Master Toolkit, which lets him use any of his Feat cards to boost either Doorstop’s attack rolls or damage rolls for the whole turn, turning his ‘jack into a literal murdermachine. He has 5 XP remaining.

Gardek took Great Strength: Rusher, meaning that he can charge 3 squares and get into the thick of the fight even sooner. He has 9 XP remaining.

I’m really digging Undercity so far, and I’m looking forward to our next game!




4 thoughts on “Undercity Adventures: Chapter 3 – They’re Getting Away!

    • No problem Tino.
      Prologue: There’s some weird alchemic stuff being smuggled into the city, go and investigate.
      Chapter 1: Make contact with the city watch guard who knows something about the smuggling ring (he’s dead).
      Chapter 2: Hunt down suspects who know about the smuggling ring.
      Chapter 3: Info points to a courier carrying some alchemic supplies across town, stop ’em. Upon retrieval, no-one knows what the substances are, not even Milo the alchemist.
      Chapter 4: The couriers give up information of their hideout, basically a big raid.
      Chapter 5: Escort an elderly scholar to his workshop so that he can analyse the strange substances. First encounter with drudges.
      Chapter 6: Stop thugs transporting captives. More drudges, first encounter with a cephalyx.
      Chapter 7: Cephalyx hideout, the old scholar is working with the cephalyx, the alchemic supplies were for turning human captives into drudges. Fairly straightforward fight, with the cephalyx betraying the scholar and turning him into a mutant monstrosity.
      Hope that helps in some way!

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