No Pain(t), No Gain, Part 2

I haven’t sat down and down any hobby stuff for ages… not since the end of May, in fact. But ever since being introduced to The Dice Saloon, a new gaming club in Brighton which has about eight tables set up for wargaming… well, I thought it was time to finally finish off my fledgling Khador and Protectorate forces for Warmachine. Plus, Joe had expressed an interest in learning to play Warmachine, and a demo game is just so much better when everything’s painted up.


I finally got round to picking up a Butcher model, and I couldn’t wait to paint him up. I didn’t want him looking pristine and shiny, so I loaded up a brush with red paint and flicked it over him to get a crude blood-splatter effect. I think it’s worked okay.


My WIP Reckoner. He needs tidying up and, of course, a heavy black wash. My Menoth guys are primarily red with gold trim which gives them a fairly ornate, Gothic sort of look. I’ve used the Sanctifier’s head and weapon on this guy because I’m not a fan of the normal Menoth ‘jack head, and I couldn’t bring myself to use the goofy-looking consecrator mace (which just looks like a glorified baseball bat).


Here we are using everything in our second game last Wednesday. I took Khador (I was desperate to use Butcher) while Joe took the Protectorate. It was weird playing Warmachine again, but the good kind of weird; I’d forgotten how unrelentingly brutal the game is. I may have caught the bug again… (the Crusader btw was proxying as the Reckoner, which I’d just bought that evening).


Warmachine’s not the only game I’m trying to get back into. Dreadball is a fantastically tactical game of hyper-violent American football IN SPAAAACE. My human team originally had a rubbish colour scheme of green and silver. Since I only recently learned how to properly paint black (shut up, I know), I decided to repaint the team. These are the Jacks of the newly-formed Vedic Tigers (shout out to my boy Kenton!).


Strikers. It’s hard to win without them. Like the Reckoner, these guys are 90% done, just a few more tweaks needed like tidying up splashes, adding player numbers, etc. I’m definitely more of a “gaming standard” type of painter; three or four base colours, bit of ink and/or drybrushing, boom, done.


And finally my two Guards. They hit things. Things like your face.

So, yeah. That’s been my most recent foray into the world of painting little plastic dudes (and one metal dude I suppose). But there’s always more to be done; I recently used the Dettol Method to strip the paint off a ton of old metal models I had lying around, so there’s those. And I want to get another Dreadball team, and Deadzone has been at the top of my shopping list for ages, and of course now I’m getting back into Warmachine…

A hobbyist’s work is never done!

– Gareth


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