Undercity Adventures: Chapter 2 – Unusual Suspects

Em and I played some more Undercity last weekend (so forgive me, my recollection may be hazy), continuing our investigation into the sinister crime syndicate operating underneath Corvis.

So, last time, we discovered a murdered agent of the Watch who had uncovered some information on a smuggling ring for rare alchemical supplies. Now we were tasked to head out and grab some suspects for further questioning…


In this mission, we had to patrol the map, waiting for the “suspects” (an ogrun bruiser, a gobber cutthroat, a Rhulic mercenary and a trollkin scout) to show up at one of the doors at the map’s edge. When a suspect showed up, they would then make a break for another door. If even one escaped, we’d lose. We therefore had to “apprehend” them (i.e. employ violence) before they managed to give us the slip, while also dealing with the roaming thugs; definitely a step up in difficulty. There was also two Side Quest cards in this mission, though one of them would’ve summoned a rampaging steamjack for us to deal with; we’d have to hope we picked the right one first.

Suspects don’t show up in the first turn; instead we started to mop up the thugs, something easily done with heavyweights like Gardek and Doorstop, and Milo’s explosive grenades. Em was starting to get the hang of using Canice as well; Pog and Doorstop are fairly straight-forward (charge Doorstop at an enemy, apply mace, repeat) compared to Canice’s various tricksy Feat abilities and different Rune Shots. However, Canice is still fairly fragile, and she started taking some hits.

The trollkin scout was the first to show up, and Milo easily took him out with an acid grenade. One down, three to go! On the next turn, the gobber cutthroat showed up but Em had set Doorstop up in a narrow corridor, and he lived up to his name, locking down that particular entry point and stopping the gobber from getting away; the little guy’s knives just couldn’t get through Doorstop’s armour. Pog meanwhile did what he does best; go after Side Quests! Thankfully we didn’t set off the rampaging steamjack, and with another lucky boosted STR check, we obtained a tonic that would help us in future adventures against medium- and large-sized enemies.


Meanwhile Gardek and Canice were clearing a path through the thugs. Canice was down to under half health after taking a bite from the Devil Rat Swarm that the Environment deck threw at us, but Gardek was still fighting fit. An interesting occurrence came up when Gardek was engaged with a sword thug and there were some crossbowmen near by; going by enemy tactics, they couldn’t actually do anything to him, as they couldn’t shoot into the square containing an ally, and even if they advanced into the same square, they still can’t shoot and have no melee attack. I read the rules later and we didn’t seem to have made a mistake. Very odd; it just seemed a bit too easy for one hero to be able to “soft-lock” three enemies like that.

Anyway, Doorstop smashed the gobber. The Rhulic mercenary turned up next, and walked straight into a bullet from Canice, and an acid grenade from Milo; down he went. One to go!

The ogrun bruiser showed up near Gardek, who was racking up the XP by smashing his way through thugs. The ogrun tried to sneak around Gardek, but I used a Counter Charge Feat card to head him off and do some damage. Gardek and the ogrun squared off, and Gardek did some more damage. The ogrun hit him back, and I used a Vengeance Feat card to make a counter-attack, do the last point of damage and win the mission!

Obligatory victory shot.

We’d earned a lot more XP this time round, so it was time to buy new skills and abilities! (Em graciously let me, the “expert geek” pick the upgrades for her characters) The abilities are the expected mix of extra health, extra damage, improved accuracy, etc, and obviously the more powerful the ability is, the more XP is costs. We had 19 each, included the XP we’d saved up from the first mission.

The cool thing about learning new abilities in Undercity is that each character has several potential “builds”; Milo for example can choose to focus on improving his healing abilities, his grenades, or his knifework.

Canice took Armoured Greatcoat, improving her survivability, and Rune Shot: Accuracy, meaning that she’s not likely to miss. She has 5 XP remaining.

Milo took Potent Acid, increasing the Power of his acid grenades, and Anatomical Precision, one of my favourite abilities from Warmachine/Hordes; if he hits something, it’s definitely taking damage no matter how bad I roll. He has 1 XP remaining.

Pog took Drive: Ancillary Attack to let Doorstop make an extra attack during his turn, and Superior Control. Pog’s Feat cards specify if they affect him or Doorstop; with Superior Control, Feat cards that can normally only be used on Pog can now also be used on Doorstop. He has 1 XP remaining.

Gardek took Great Strength: Rapid Strike, allowing him to make an extra melee attack on his turn. He has 7 XP left, and I’m torn between saving up for Great Strength: Rusher (10 XP, makes him faster) or Legendary Hero (a whopping 18 XP, but lets him pick two Great Strength buffs per turn instead of one).

We’ll be taking a break from Undercity for a while as Em’s out of the country on holiday for three weeks (and yes, I am jealous), but we’ll be diving back in as soon as we can. The plot is thickening, and I think it may have something to do with the Cephalyx model waiting for me in the bottom of the box…

“Hello fellow human! We are humans also, and enjoy acts of human intimacy! Here, let us hug you and feed upon your spinal fluids, as of course all we normal inferior humans do.”



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