D&D Sixguns & Sinners – Bullet 1: GIRL

Alright, so let’s finally get some Wild West D&D underway!

In Attendance: John Dwyte (Darryl), Magnus Dwyte (Trev), Jebediah Underwood (Joe).


An’ naturally, I’ll be servin’ as the Lawman (that’s Wild West talk for Dungeon Master).

We begin our story in the sleepy little town of Rusty Creek, where’s there’s a lynching about to go down. Unfortunately, it’s the Dwyte boys who are being led up to the gallows. See, the folks of Rusty Creek don’t take kindly to strangers coming into town and scamming them out of their money. Magnus and John have been rumbled, and an angry mob has gathered to watch ’em swing.

While the mayor demonises them, Magnus spots a preacher in the crowd, and thinking quickly…

Badger “Wait now! You wouldn’t condemn us to fiery damnation without a man of the Lord saying a few words for our immortal souls first now, would you?”

The town elder grumbles a bit, but allows it. The preacher, obviously, is Jebediah Underwood, who steps up onto the gallows. He looks the Dwyte boys up and down, then turns to the crowd. Joe nails his Perform check, and Jeb delivers an impassioned sermon about guilt and sin and redemption. He says that he knows the Dwytes have done wrong, but maybe there’s some good they can do in the world before their time comes. He then demands that they be freed, and that he’ll take full responsibility for them.

The town elder isn’t too keen on that, and is about to protest, but Jeb over-rules him by whipping off his eyepatch and displaying his glowing eye Stigmata, showing that he is an Apostle and blessed with divine powers and authority. The townspeople can’t really argue with that, and after much bowing and scraping, John and Magnus are freed, and their possessions returned. The town elder, still butt-hurt (he really wanted to see ’em swing) gives them an ultimatum; they may be free, but he wants them out of town by nightfall. John and Magnus are happy to oblige, eager to put this redneck murder-village behind them.

They get to talking with Jeb. Everyone puts on a broad Southern state accent. Lols are had.

Badger“Preacher, why’d you save us?”

jeff-grit_1783061c“Shit son, I can ask them to string you up again if you’re disappointed.”


“I been a lot of places and seen a lot of things preacher, and I ain’t never seen nobody doin’ somethin’ for free in these parts.”


“Damn right. You boys are stickin’ with me. I got a long damn journey ahead of me. Reckon I can count on a pair of Dwytes.”


“As long there’s cash and booze, I’m in.”


“Dang it John! You ain’t even worried about how this preacher knows who we are?”


“Son, I knew your folks, back in the day. Damn shame what happened to ’em. But I could always count on ’em, and I figure I can count on you two as well.”

They’re packing the wagon ready to go, when one of the townsfolk nervously approaches Jeb, and asks if he could say a prayer for his daughter, who’s been ill for the past few days. He’s heard that Apostles like Jeb have some kind of healing powers, and if it’s not too much trouble…? Jeb umms and aahs, but gives in when the man says that his wife will provide dinner.

The three of them go to the man’s house (he’s not happy about the Dwyte brothers coming along, but Jeb assures him that they’re harmless) and go to see the daughter, Henrietta. The family dog isn’t happy to see Jeb, and starts barking.


“Ah, don’t you fret. It’s the power I got. Spooks ’em.”

The girl is in bed, and looks ill and feverish. Jeb uses his healing touch, and there seems to be an instant change; the girl stops tossing and turning and groaning, and seems to settle down. Grateful, the man and his wife give Jeb and the Dwytes a meal of stew (though the Dwytes get less, along with disapproving glares from their hosts), and the group take their leave.

They go back to the wagon.


“So where we headin’, preacher? The more miles my brother and I put between ourselves and these folks, the better.”


“Saint Pelor. Maybe along the way I’ll tell you the reasons why.”

The town elder sidles up along with the town lawman to make sure the brothers leave, and make a few threats about what’ll happen if they ever show up in Rusty Creek again.

Suddenly the man they helped comes running down the street, and telling them to come quickly. “It’s my little Hetty!” he screams.

John and Jeb dismount. John’s already got his guns out.

4804830_f260“Now Magnus, you stay with these nice gentlemen.”


“Fine, you do mindless violence better’n me anyhow.”

John and Jeb burst into the house, and the first thing they notice is the screaming coming from upstairs. Jeb roars at the wife to get out, and she seems happy to oblige. Expecting the worst, Jeb uses his holy weapon ability on his sixshooter.


“I thought you healed her!”

Jeb just shrugs, as confused as John is. They go up the stairs, weapons ready. They don’t know what to expect, but the screams definitely don’t sound normal.

As they reach the top of the stairs, the screaming suddenly stops.


“Well shit, that can’t be good.”

Instead of screaming, they can hear a different noise now, like buzzing. John, having had quite enough for one day, decides to boot the door down, and gets a face full of BEES.

John gets the full brunt of it, and takes some damage. Jeb, at the back, gets off a little better. John blunders through into the girl’s room, and finds her on the bed, mouth wide open and vomiting forth an ever-expanding cloud of stinging insects.


“She’s a goddamn witch!”

Witches are very much Bad News in the Territories, and all bets are off if you find yourself up against one. Swatting away the bees that are mobbing him, John takes aim at Henrietta…

To be continued!



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