D&D: Sixguns and Sinners Character Sheets

Just a quick one tonight; I mentioned that I’d make the guys’ character sheets available for view so that you, dear readers, can get to know them a little more.

Father Jebediah Underwood, the mysterious Apostle.

John Dwyte, the revenge-obsessed Desperado.

Magnus Dwyte, the silver-tongued Scoundrel.

Those documents also contain the information for the homebrew classes they’re playing; the Apostle, the Desperado, and the Scoundrel. You may notice though that there’s some unfamiliar sounding rules in there; Defence? Cunning? Destiny Points? Recovery Dice? Dazed? Worry not, all will make sense in an upcoming post when I give the run-down of the house rules we’ll be using for this campaign.



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