Age of Sigmar: A Few More Thoughts

So last time I shared my first musings on NewHammer: Age of Sigmar. But it’s been a few days now, and I’ve actually managed to get a game in with the new rules!

Yep, I did something I haven’t done for about ten years… I went to my local Games Workshop to play a demo game! I went on Wednesday lunchtime, and managed to convince Darryl to come along as well; though to be fair, he needed very little actual persuasion.

I just showed him this picture and a few seconds later he’d already grabbed his coat.

Thankfully our office is just down the street, so we had plenty of time to get to grips with the new game. So new, in fact, that the GW Worthing staff hadn’t had time to fully paint the Stormcasts and Bloodtide beyond a basecoat…




First of all, I have to confirm that yes, the models are absolutely fucking gorgeous. The Lord-Celestant and Lord-Relictor are both incredible centrepieces, but my favourites were the Retributors and most surprisingly of all, the basic Marauders Bloodreavers. The Khorgorath is a little goofy-looking though, and the Prosecutors (while also amazing) will cause much frustration due to their enormous (and fragile) wings. On the whole though, A+.

But enough about models, we were here to play! Unfortunately we were limited to one of the smaller display tables, so everything was sort of clumped together. Darryl took the (infamous) four-page rules, I took the big book with the Battlescrolls, and we were off!

We only managed a few turns before we had to dash off back to work (booo!) but the turns we had were fairly eventful. As the table was small, things quickly devolved into a big ruck in the centre. So, you know, like a normal game of Warhammer!

If I could take this photo back in time, you’d have to pick up the bits of my 12 year-old brain with tweezers.

I was kept busy flipping back and forth for each unit’s special rules, plenty of which we missed as we rushed through things; re-rolling attacks, bonuses for rolling 6s, extra range on charges… it was a lot to take in all at once for a game that Internet Tough Guys are dismissing as “simplistic” and “for kids”.

On the subject of Internet Tough Guys, one actually manifested in the real world in his true form as a miserable fartsoul neckbeard who wandered over as we were playing, practically snatched the book off me, and hooted to discover that, yes, there are no points values. SHIT HOWEVER WILL WE HAVE FUN!? Oh wait, my Chaos Lord is squaring up against the Lord-Celestant and my Blood Warriors are beating the crap out some shiny golden lads and we’re rolling dice and having a laugh, soooooo… yeah. Thankfully the store manager engaged the neckbeard in word-to-word combat before Darryl and I made him eat his fedora, and we got on with it.


On the whole, I like the new rules. Battleshock didn’t really play too much of a part; both sides seemed to have a lot of abilities that let them ignore it. We probably got a few things wrong in the heat of the moment and may have covered up with half-remembered 40k rules knowledge, but like I said, good fun was still had.

A few criticisms though…

1) I would’ve included individual unit cards or reference sheets; as it was the book was already showing some wear and tear as we flipped back and forth for each unit. I guess this is something that’ll be fixed when the starter set units get their War Scrolls added as PDFs for download.

2) Some rules are a little too vague. I’m impressed they managed to condense the rules into four pages, but I would’ve loved it if they’d made it six pages and expanded on a few things. For instance, there’s technically nothing in the rules that stops you shooting into melee combat with perfect accuracy, or even using a model’s ranged weapons when they’re engaged in close combat!

3) “Bloodsecrator” sounds like an awesomely terrible 90’s comic book character.

So, yeah. Needless to say Darryl and I got a bit hooked and we’ll probably be going halfsies on the box set soon. And then there’s that entire unassembled Empire Battalion I’ve got that I haven’t done anything with for four years… oh, and I’ve always wanted to get some Orcs Orroks ORCS

Sigh. Bye bye money.




4 thoughts on “Age of Sigmar: A Few More Thoughts

    • The models really are quite spectacular in the flesh (so to speak). Still really can’t get over how good the Lord-Celestant is. I thought GW had peaked with the Dark Vengeance models but they’ve exceeded expectations again!

  1. Thank you for this report. I think you can ahve fun games with AoS, it is just very different. I might give it a try alongside SobaH. I could see that being quite nice as a second fanatsy skirmish game.

    I must say it is a bit sad to see that GW did not manage to supply fully painted sets to their stores for preview games. I am not talking about Golden demon standard, but just base colours and army painter or something. Just basecoating really does not show of the models and also implies that this is what you do to new players. Ok, I am a bit particular about unpainted or only basecoated lead/plastic, but I am sure they have the resources to pay someone to paint the miniatures up….

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