No Pain(t), No Gain, Part 1

It’s been ages since I’ve sat down and done any model painting, and it’s not for lack of stuff; I have a whole backlog of plastic and metal dudes who have yet to even feel the sweet aerosol kiss of a black spraypaint undercoat. Well, I’ve made a resolution to start getting stuff painted, even if it’s only spending ten or fifteen minutes an evening.

So armed with new brushes and a set of GW paints, I woke up early on Saturday, switched on 4Music’s Top 40, and had a pretty chilled and relaxing few hours painting. The very WIP results are as follows…



Chaos Helbrute for a planned/aborted Tzeentch warband. Fuckin’ love silver and blue. I was going to do a heavy blue wash on the silver to make it look all metallic blue and arcane-y, but the blue wash I picked up from GW is like slightly tinted rat piss and it barely left a mark. Bleh.



Finally painting up my Khador ‘jacks from that starter set I got years ago. My Khador are going to go with a drab olive scheme, because I’m in love with the idea of making them look like actual real-life military machines. I’ve also always liked the “default” paint scheme that Privateer Press used for the Kodiak, another Khador ‘jack.



I’ve made the mistake of painting up the way more interesting ‘jacks first, rather than leave them as a treat after completing the fairly boring Man-o’-War Shocktroopers. As for my warcaster, well I need to hurry up and actually order a model of my favourite psychopath…



I like to name my ‘jacks. This Juggernaut will be Iron Valour, and the Destroyer Fist of Zhaikev. Eventually, I’d like to get a Decimator – a Juggernaut-chassis variant with a giant buzzsaw and revolver-cannon – but that can wait for now; I’ve got more than enough Warmachine stuff to paint before I start buying new stuff!



Some Chaos Cultists. I’m currently considering buying Deadzone, and I’m wondering if I can use these guys as an alternative to the Plague, or maybe even house rule them in as a new faction, some kind of local militia gone bad. I went for a rather subdued, “military” style paint scheme of olives, tans, khakis, browns, etc, so as not to show their affiliation with any Chaos God in particular; ironically this just makes them look like Nurgle cultists. Damn it.



I made the smallest of small starts on these Super Dungeon Explore! heroes, intending to resurrect the HeroQuest 2014 project I’ve left on the sidelines. These models are a pain in the arse; their deformed proportions mean that they have tiny bodies, utterly cluttered with details, which is a nightmare for a below-average painter like me. Also, big anime eyes; I normally try to get away without  doing eyes; I usually slap on a black ink wash and hope for the best. But on these guys… eesh.

More updates to come as I continue to tackle the stockpile of unpainted little dudes!



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