Crimbo Photodump 2014

A long delay since the last post I know. Things have been pretty hectic, as they usually are in December! On top of that, my laptop is dying a slow death. Using it at the moment is about as much fun as eating a bucket full of Lego.

As we wave farewell to 2014 – a year that thankfully had far more ups than downs – I thought I’d just dump a load of photos here from the last few weeks.


I guess the biggest thing is that I officially joined Club 30. My birthday’s fairly late in the month, which doesn’t usually synch up well with people’s calendars as they do Christmas-related things. I had my party at the start of the month; drinks were imbibed, an excellent Grimm Reaper cake was consumed, and merriment was had.

“LeT iT gO lEt It Go…”


I make artistic adjustments to an advent calender I had at work. Some of my colleagues appreciated it. Others tried not to make eye contact with me.

Because of *course* I’m Deathstroke.


Trev got his mitts on Cryptozoic’s latest DC Heroes deckbuilding game, Forever Evil, so we had a few games! In Forever Evil, you play as villains trying to defeat super heroes! This was at the start.


And this was a few turns later, when I used Vibe to get Power Girl to the top of my deck, then hit her with a Firestorm Array, and nothing about that sentence could possibly be misconstrued when taken out of context. Funnily enough having an additional 3 Power every turn for the rest of the game made it kinda one-sided.


Then we played a game of Crisis! I’ve fallen in love with the Cryptozoic deck building games this year, and I sort of want to do proper in-depth reviews of each set, maybe video playthroughs and tutorials… who knows. Something for next year maybe.


Emma got me Survive!: Escape from Atlantis for my birthday! I love this game. In fact if you so desire, you can watch a video of my friends and I playing it earlier this year!



Em and I had a little pre-Christmas celebration. I know beef wellington isn’t exactly traditional for Christmas, but it went down well.



Upon the Eve of the Saviour’s birth, I did make pilgrimage upon the iron carriages, travelling from my coastal lair to the hills and fields of the Land of the Eastern Grin to feast with Parental 1.0 and Parental 2.0, because I sure as hell wasn’t cooking Christmas dinner.


I went to visit Ian one day, and after we’d gone to see Battle of the Five Armies, I went through his model cabinet and took pictures. Here’s a Tau Riptide he’s painting up as Superion to go along with Metrauplex.


And here’s a “Wood Eldar” Wraithlord!


And here’s a Librarian with crazy hair and Kaneda’s bike!


And here’s Warboss RAAM, ready for fightin’ and obeyin’ da Queen!


Then we played a shitload of Mario Kart 8 and the latest Smash Bros. I find that Mii to be hauntingly accurate.

So, plans for next year.

  • More writing! – well duh. By the way, did I know I’ve done some micro-stories and novellas as cheap reads for Kindle owner? Take a gander…
  • More D&D! – I was surprised at how popular my Phandelver series of D&D articles was this year! As I’ve said we’re on a bit of a hiatus, but planning to start back up in the new year, though exactly when is something else all together. Why not give the series a read if you haven’t already?
  • More painting and model stuff! – I have a ton of unpainted models in cupboards and boxes, and I’m going to try and get as much painted as possible next year… and of course, share the results with you, dear readers.

So, yeah, that’s it for 2014. If you were here at the start of the year, thanks for sticking around, and if you’re brand new and your appetite has been whetted, then 2015 promises to be even more succulent.

A belated Merry Christmas, and an early Happy New Year!



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