November Catch Up

Gah, how has it gotten to that time of year again already?

Right, quick update on things. Horribly aware that I haven’t written anything for a while.

The Phandelver chronicles are continuing; we have a session booked for next Monday. I am currently in a bit of a flap as I try and plan how to turn THIS…


… into two or even three smaller maps and spread it over multiple sessions, because there is no way I’m drawing out that whole mess in one go. Also need to add a bit more bite to that final Black Spider encounter. Hrm.

Been playing a lot of fun board games recently; Catan, Palazzo and Coup especially. I have a boardgame evening planned for Saturday with Emma and another couple who are total gaming noobs, so I’ll be easing them into the wonderful world of boardgames with fun easy stuff like Dixit, King of Tokyo, and Labyrinth.

Been totally bitten by the Magic bug again thanks to my games with Adam last month, so I’m making more decks for our “Low Standards” challenge, and also going a bit retro and making Time Spiral-Lorwyn era decks, because that was a damn fun period of Magic for me.

I have the Silent Hill HD collection for my 360. I have had it for some time. Why the fuck haven’t I touched it yet!?

Oh, right, yeah, the nightmare fuel.
Oh, right, yeah, the nightmare fuel.

Been reading the D&D player’s handbook and making tweaks and homebrew stuff ready for a new campaign next year. Not sure whether to stick with traditional sword and sorcery D&D, or hack the ruleset into something like Weird West, sci-fi alien fighting action, modern-day psychic espionage/conspiracy, post-apocalyptic Gamma World-esque nitty gritty, or Other.

Re-reading a lot of the Horus Heresy series. Forgotten how much I loved Scars. Ploughing through Vulkan Lives again. I’m not exactly eager to try and plod through Angel Exterminatus again, because Graham McNeil. Need to refresh my memory on Gaunt’s Ghosts and Bequin trilogy stuff in the chance that more stuff gets added to those series. Also, think I might just read Talon of Horus again, because that book is pure nerdwank material.

We can never be together, Lheor. That is the *true* heresy :-(
We can never be together, Lheor. That is the *true* heresy 😦

Writing a lot as it’s NaNo (again). Hoping to get enough done by the end of the year to put together a proper decent-length anthology and submit to Real Actual Publishers.

Thinking of things to write articles about. Might have another bitch about GW. Or maybe Magic this time. Maybe both. Who knows, or dares to dream.

Turning 30 soon. Urgh.


Right, back to it.


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