D&D – Lost Mine of Phandelver Interim: Character Development

We didn’t have a D&D session this week due to the Bank Holiday weekend and most of us being unavailable, but the gang is all set to break down the door of the Redbrands hideout this coming Monday!

That’s not to say we haven’t been doing D&D related stuff in the meantime; in fact, after the events of last session,  Joe, Trev, Darryl and Liam have all picked up a bit of character development for their dudes. This is the great thing about pen-and-paper RPGs, in my opinion; a few unexpected in-game events such as a bodged skill check or lucky break can add real depth and personality to a character, even if it’s just a pre-generated character that came with a starter set.

So what are these developments?

  • Bosun “Barry” Arrers is now head-over-heels for Elsa, the flirty barmaid from the Stonehill Inn with whom he shared a brief and unsatisfactory night of copulation. Now he’s willing to do anything to impress her and win back her affections. That’s his problem; he falls in love too quickly. Barry, stop doing this to yourself! You can’t let yourself get hurt again!
  • Loki Fastfoot is now getting a reputation as a budding historian. The two History checks he’s been asked to make have resulted in natural 20’s. Clearly there’s more to this simple-looking halfling thief than meets the eye. And being back in Phandalin and have run-ins with his old gang is surely going to stir up some mixed feelings…
  • Grimdark Stonelock is struggling with a feeling of inadequacy; his spells never seem to work and he has difficulty fighting even the simplest of opponents. As for his so-called “friends”? They only keep him around so that he can heal them up when they’ve finished getting all the glory. Maybe he’s not as in tune with the gods as he thinks? Maybe they don’t have faith in him. Perhaps a few more drinks will make things seem better…
  • And finally, Carick “Mouse” Silverfrost. Fresh out of the temple and nervously taking his first few steps out of his comfort zone, and what happens? He gets kidnapped and beaten by goblin bandits. He would’ve been killed and probably eaten if his friends hadn’t found him. Mouse was so traumatised that he now has a genuine fear of goblins, and is frightened of them until he can overcome his phobia (which will probably involve a fireball or three).

All cheery stuff, as you can see.



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