D&D – Lost Mine of Phandelver Episode 2 – Job Seekers

So after defeating the Cragmaw gang and saving Carick and Sildar, our heroes continue on to Phandalin!

In Attendance: Loki Fastfoot (Darryl), Bosun Barry Arrers (Joe), Grimdark Stonelock (Trev), Carick “Mouse” Silverfrost (Liam)

And obviously myself, the DM.

After heading back to the wagon (and loading it up with some crates marked with a blue lion symbol, found in Klarg’s chamber), the gang head into Phandalin with no further drama. Their little goblin friend ran off though. Oh well, it’s not as if he’ll show up again!

They arrive in the late evening, and Sildar, battered and bloody from being a wolf’s chew toy, advises that they get rooms at the local inn. They do so, and dutifully speak to every one in the tavern with a floating yellow exclamation mark over their head; Phandalin is just that kind of town. Think Wild West frontier town, except with a big “next dungeon” sign pointing to the old abandoned-but-yeah-obviously-not-abandoned ruined manor house on the outskirts of town.

WANTED: Armed strangers interested in repetitive errands.

After exhausting their options with the locals, Sildar (who has paid for their rooms and drinks as a show of thanks for being rescued) explains what the “something big” that Gundren mentioned is. He asks if any of the group have heard of the Forge of Spells. A quick round of stunningly successful History checks (one of which is Darryl’s second natural 20 on a History check, thereby proving that Loki is an incredibly well-read thief) shows that, yes Sildar, of course they know about the Forge of Spells, Christ.

But for all of you at home, the Forge of Spells is an enchanted forge found deep in Phandelver Mine, in the long-lost Wave Echo Cave. Hundreds of years ago, dwarfs, gnomes and human wizards all came together to create the forge, then some orcs showed up and ruined everything, yadda yadda yadda. Fast forward a few centuries, and the Rockseeker brothers have obtained a map for Wave Echo Cave and are planning an expedition to find and rekindle the forge. Sildar wants to re-open Phandelver Mine, as he thinks it’ll bring a new age of prosperity to the area.

Of course, this is all a bit of a problem when Gundren has been kidnapped by the Cragmaw goblins, who are working for a mysterious figure called “The Black Spider”. Without his map, they’ll never find Wave Echo Cave! The group all turn in for the night; Barry uses his rustic hospitality ability to woo the barmaid into a night of adequate coitus (it was a poor roll on his Athletics check), Loki sneaks out to go and “visit” his aunt (and rolls even worse on his Athletics check).

“I knew I should’ve learned Proficiency: Reverse Cowgirl.”

Meanwhile Grimdark sleeps off several tankards of ale because hurr hurr dwarfs hurr hurr, and Carick sits quietly in the inn’s main room, with the thousand-yard stare of someone who only narrowly escaped being eaten/gangbanged by goblin bandits a few hours ago. Silly Carick! You’re not meant to develop PTSD until level 4!

The next morning, the group drop off the wagon to the general store and get paid, then return the stolen goods to the Lionshield Coster, and also get rewarded. Now what to do with all that reward money?

“They’ve got 30% off chainmail!” *squeal* “And two for one on scimitars! OMG!”

First they hit the general store, and buy blankets, signal whistles, a grappling hook, some flasks of oil, and iron spikes. Next up is the armoury, where equipment gets shuffled around, sold, and bought; Carick gives Loki his shortsword (allowing the little psycho to dual-wield) and gets a quarterstaff, Loki and Barry both get shields, and Trev gets a battleaxe for Grimdark for reasons I still can’t quite fathom when he has a perfectly good/functionally identical warhammer. Joe replaces his lacklustre greatsword with a rapier, far more fitting for the high-Dexterity Barry. He also gets a trident, because, fuck, why not?


The trident is named “Tested”. Trident Tested.


What follows is a session of “hunt the quest-givers”, as the group go round town, following their character’s plot hooks or the gossip they got from the people in the tavern the previous night. Let’s just say that they’ve got plenty to keep them occupied over the next few sessions (ongoing quests summarised below, because aaaaaargh).

The most pressing concern is that a local gang of thugs called the Redbrands – Loki’s old gang – are causing all sorts of merry hell in town, and terrorising the locals. Time to be big god-damn heroes then!

The locals point the group to the other tavern in town, the Sleeping Giant. It’s a rundown place where the Redbrands hang out and drink. Since the group still don’t know where the Redbrands hideout is (but it’s obviously in that big ruined manor), they decide to shake down some of the Redbrands for information. This goes about as well as expected.

Eight dead Redbrands later, our heroes have the answers they want, and have nearly burned down the tavern. Oh Carick, you and your burning hands in enclosed spaces, you scamp! To be fair, he tried a charm person spell first, but the Redbrands weren’t in the mood to be buddies.

elf mage
“Declined my Facebook friend request? BURN MOTHERFUCKER.”

The last surviving Redbrand is thrown in jail, and the session ends as the group make their way towards the Redbrand hideout, in the basement of Tresendar Manor…

Completed Quests: Deliver the wagon of goods to Phandalin, get Sildar to explain what this “something big” matter is

Ongoing Quests: (deep breath) Eliminate the Redbrands and their leader “Glasstaff”, find out why there are undead at Old Owl Mine, track down Reidoth the druid in the ruined town of Thundertree, find Agatha the banshee and ask her about the mage Bowgentle’s spellbook, find Thel Dendrar’s wife and children, deal with the orc raiders on the Triboar Trail, find Sildar’s friend Iarno Albrek, locate Cragmaw Castle and wipe out the Cragmaw goblins.

Ears Collected: Human

Women Bedded: 2

Women Satisfied: 0

Star of the Night: Loki. Seriously, the group combat tactics have now evolved to “Cast bless and then take hits for the little guy so that he can turn everything into mincemeat.”  Sneak attack + dual wielding = brutal damage output. God help us all when he has enough cash for a pair of hand crossbows…

The adventure continues in Episode 3!



2 thoughts on “D&D – Lost Mine of Phandelver Episode 2 – Job Seekers

  1. The pre-made rouge can’t duel wield at level two in DND 5e. To use two-weapon fighting requires a bonus action. The only bonus action available to the level 2 pre-made rogue is Cunning Action. Cunning action can’t be used to attack. QED.

    Exhibit a: Cunning Action “This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.” pg. 86 Player’s Handbook.

    Exhibit b: Bonus Actions “The Cunning Action feature, for example, allows
    a rogue to take a bonus action.” pg. 189 Player’s Handbook.

    Exhibit c: Two-Weapon Fighting “When you take the Attack action and attack with a light melee weapon that you’re holding in one hand, you can use a bonus action to attack with a different light melee weapon that you’re holding in the other hand.” pg. 195 Player’s Handbook.

    • By that logic, Fighters and Rangers can’t dual wield because they don’t have class abilities that grant them bonus actions *specifically* to make attacks with off-hand weapons. Every character can dual wield.
      Also Exhibit D: The player can dual wield because he has fun with it, and I’m the DM and said he can do it. Sooo… yeah. Rule Zero. But thanks for jumping in and saying we’re doing Fun wrong. You truly are a hero.

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