The Incident at Saint Pelagia’s

I’ve gone and published another short story today!

iasp cover 1


My blurb;

A terrible thing has happened at Saint Pelagia’s boarding school; dozens are dead or missing, and no one knows why or how. Enclosed are the transcripts of the interviews with the survivors; perhaps these will help to shed some light on the mystery.

So yes, it’s a horror/ghost story told by way of interview transcripts, and to be honest I’m pretty damn proud of it. If you’re interested in cosmic eldritch horror and general creepiness, and you’re a Kindle owner, why not give it a read?

You can find The Incident here (for UK readers) and here (for those across the Pond). And why not check my other books while you’re there, or look at my eBook list at the top of the page?

Until next time, remember; Sixteen summons Him.



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