Like Father, Like Son

I was never sporty like my dad was; in his youth he played a lot of cricket and football, and these days he’s usually glued to a sports channel (he’s also a big Toronto Jays fan). He was also quite an arty type back in the day, and was in some local theatre groups, usually appearing in musicals (that’s actually how he and my mum met). These days he spends a lot of time painting, mostly landscapes of the Canadian Rockies, where he and my mum like to spend their summers. Basically, he’s a super fucking cool old dude.

I admit, I haven’t exactly inherited his dancing skills, singing voice, or prowess with a paintbrush. However he was, and still is, a bit of a comic nerd, and that’s our shared ground. He was a fan of the usual heroes of that age; Dan Dare, Green Arrow, Flash Gordon, Phantom… however his favourite hero to this day is Shazam, or Captain Marvel as he was called back then (and like a true old grognard, he staunchly maintains that the Captain Marvel of his era is “the proper one”).

Which just goes to show that you're never to old to cry "betrayal!" over comic book retcons and reboots.
Which just goes to show that you’re never too old to cry “betrayal!” over comic book retcons and reboots.

So as it was Father’s Day in the UK this weekend, I decided to get him something a little bit special. It’s starting to become a bit of a tradition that I get my dad a geeky T-shirt for Father’s Day, though to be fair it was a tradition he sort of started by getting a TIE Fighter Owner’s Manual shirt.

My rebuttal.
My rebuttal.


Last year I got him a Darth Vader “Father of the Year” shirt. This year, I got him a selection of ales (I admit, I was intrigued by the one called fucking DOOM BAR), and a shirt sporting the logo of a certain superhero…


On behalf of all nerdy sons to all nerdy dads, happy Father’s Day!



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