Wait, What?

That’s the date already? URGH. Where has the month – no, screw that, the year – gone? It’s been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post, but I’m using that age old excuse that Real Life has once again been a clingy psychotic bitch that has demanded that I spend all my free time with her. Thankfully, I’ve managed to break away for a precious few minutes…

So what have I been up to this month? Playing games mostly. I have a pretty great group of friends at work, and every week we try and set an evening aside for a game night.

Recently we’ve been going bananas for Cryptozoic’s new Cerberus-Engine Street Fighter deckbuilder.


You may have seen a video of me and Ian playing the Two Towers DBG, and the Street Fighter game shares the same basic core rules; buy good cards from the line up to improve your deck and try and beat the Stage Bosses to earn a high score. However, Street Fighter has a few differences from the LotR and DC Hero DBGs that Cryptozoic have made; gameplay is a lot more interactive, with lots of attacks and defences, and even counter attacks gained from a character’s Ultra move! We’ve had lots of excellent games of Street Fighter already, and I can’t see that changing. The only thing I’d suggest is take out the six Agents of Shadaloo cards; unlike the normal “catch ’em all” cards in other DBGS (Moria Orcs, Suicide Squads, Power Rings, etc), the Agents are overcosted, and no one has ever been happy when they’ve shown up in the line up.

Another deckbuilder I’ve gotten into is Privateer Press’s High Command.

WM High Command_3D

High Command is sort of a weird deckbuilder/living card game hybrid, but it works okay. There’s a lot of mechanics I like, and I had high hopes for this. Unfortunately the first few games Ian and I played were pretty lame. A few house rules and modifications later and we’ve had a lot more fun, and it was well received the one time I’ve rolled it out for the work crew.  I’ve already gotten the Big Guns expansion, and I’m intrigued in more. With all the different warcaster and detachment combinations, there’s a lot of replay value.

As for Magic? Well after the disappointment that was M14 and Theros block, and my general hatred for the elitist hyper-competitive mindset that too many players seem to have, I’m very close to just quitting. Saying that, I’m still looking forward to Conspiracy, the multiplayer draft set that drops in a few weeks. Some of the spoiled cards look like great fun; there’s a lot of cards that call for votes for a different effect, and I love the artifact creatures that mess around with the actual draft process, like this guy;

Actual first reaction; "GUH - wha - HUH? Oh. Oh! Oooooh. OH!"
Actual first reaction; “GUH – wha – HUH? Oh. Oh! Oooooh. OH!”

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to draft it with some people who aren’t total assclowns and have a good time. We shall see, but for now I’m doubtful. A shame. A few years ago, I had a little circle that would’ve been all over this like a tentacle monster on a Japanese schoolgirl’s locker room.

Moving away from card games, staunch fellow Trev provided us with a new treat a few nights ago; Space Alert!


This is a frantic board game of communication and on-the-fly planning. The game comes with a CD loaded with missions that describe all the threats against the group’s space station. As the mission audio plays, the group decides in real time who’s going to charge the reactor, fire guns at the threats, fix the communications array, and so on, by playing action cards in a sequence that (hopefully) matches up with the actions of the other players. I wasn’t keen on it at first as it has a very steep learning curve, but after a few games things clicked and I was totally into it, and we had some good laughs, even as a giant space amoeba ate us alive. Yay?

And finally, with the bank holiday weekend approaching, I’m hoping I can squeeze in a game of Battlestar Galactica, an excellent game for testing the limits of your patience and friendships.

Rule 1: Save all your Repair cards. Rule 2: The guy playing as Baltar is almost certainly the Cylon.

Plus there’s always more Dreadball! Ian’s Kargrim Masons gave my Deathskull Pirates a hammering a few weeks ago, so I’m thinking of breaking out my Kamigawa Samurai (humans) and running rings around his stunties, at least I can get my hands of the models that will eventually become the Rl’yeh Rumblers…

Touchdown ftaghn!
Touchdown ftaghn!

Oh and writing. Writing writing writing. Nearly finished a new story; it’s a horror story told in the way of transcripts of interviews of survivors of a disturbing event, so hopefully that’ll be up for purchase soon. Until then, why not check out my eBooks link at the top there?

And now it is sleeping time. Yaaaaay. Of course I could just stay up to three in the morning playing Kingdoms of Amalur. Decisions, decisions…





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