Art of Magic – Continue to Spread ‘Em

Last year, I did a little overview of Wayne Reynold’s art in Magic: the Gathering, and his tendency to have awesomely exaggerated and dynamic characters all doing the exact same ass-kicking pose. I noticed that he did quite a bit of art for Theros block, so I thought I’d look at them, as well as some gems I missed out first time.


This one’s a rarity in that she’s one of Wayne’s girls who is not leaning forward in a cheeky look-at-my-boobs-and-booty pose. At least she’s disregarding basic safety and refusing to hold onto the reins of her rapidly-descending death-chicken.


“NOOOOO what have I done!? I just wanted a hug! A huuuuuuug.”


Well, he’s not from Theros, but look how happy he is to see you! Why didn’t we have more awesome caveman-Cyclopses in Alara? Great art on a fairly unimpressive card; the effect is fine, but on a tri-coloured rare? And that flavour text made me throw up a little.


Clearly Mr Vaulter is another student of the same martial arts master that taught Wild Nacatl. “Remember my students, always dislocate your shoulders and launch yourself face first from great heights at your opponents.”


“Yes my students, the Flapping Falling Bat technique has served me well for millennia!”

And then Wild Nacatl and Facevaulter exchange looks and realise with a growing sense of dread that they should never have taken advice from an undead abomination. He’s a skeleton vampire he’s goddamn double-dead why does he even need to drink blood anymore wtf my brain.

“I was *born* in Hanweir… *moulded* by it…”

We live in a world where crossbow-wielding free-running werewolves are a thing, and that makes me happy. Just don’t tell him he’s holding it wrong; though to be honest he probably doesn’t care. That’s just the kind of guy dog Baney is.

“I wear a hedron now. Hedrons are cool.”

I love Wayne’s goblins. This one cosplaying as Pyramid Head is no different! This is just a card that needs to be in Core Sets forever, though it pains me to say it should probably have different art for Core Sets; Wayne’s art is a little too Zendikar-specific. But the Arsonist doesn’t care, as evidenced by his hands in the air.


Okay, so he doesn’t have his arms spread like all the others, but how could I go without mentioning this? I laughed out loud when I saw this art for the first time. I’m totally in love with the Wile.E.Coyote-esque Acme Industries weapon (with not just one, but *two* scopes!), and the hardbitten goblin sniper. That gormless bearded guy totally deserves that hammer-gun donkey punch.

Keep it up Mr Reynolds. Keep it up.




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