Ian’s Workshop : Imperial Knight

Hoboy. I’ve been looking forward to this.

My BFF Ian is a significantly better painter and modeler than I am, as evidenced by some of the stuff I’ve shown from our painting evenings (sadly a thing of the past since I moved house last year). You may have also seen his awesome Transformers-themed Tau Riptide, and his Gears of Wars Orks. Well, he’s surpassed himself this time.

Recently, GW released the Imperial Knight kit, £85 of sweet plastic love for the players who want to lose friends by fielding a goddamn Titan in 1000 point games. 

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only ROBOT CHIVALRY!
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only AWESOME.

Look at that beast. Damn it GW, I want to hate you, and then you go and release this bad boy? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the price tag is more than enough to make me stay clear, but sweet Emperor, it is gorgeous.

The day of its release, Ian messaged me, and the basic content of the message was “Challenge accepted.” We shot ideas back and forth about colour schemes and possible conversions, but in the end Ian decided maybe not to mess around with the £85 kit he’d bought and kept it pure and unspoiled. It would an Imperial Knight, with heraldry to match his Dark Angels collection.

Over the following days, I was sent more and more pictures as the beast came to life…



First the legs. The Knight also displays a Dark Angel symbol on its banner; the background fluff on exactly why the Dark Angels have access to an Imperial Knight has yet to be decided. The pilot could be a Freelancer who impressed the Angels and they let him hang around? Perhaps the Knight is a relic of the Heresy, carefully maintained as one of the Angel’s many, many secrets? Or the most likely answer; because it’s cool, so shut up.



A sneaky shot of the back. Ian is a senior priest in the Church of Non-Metallic Metals. It’s not a faith I personally follow, but it’s obviously working out well for him.



“Here’s looking at you.”   Ian raided his bits box for some more Angel’s iconography and slapped it on the Knight’s heraldry shield. I am totally in love with the bone/dark green combo. Reminds me of the for the 2nd edition Dark Millennium supplement box, back in my magical early days of 40k…


Finally, the beast was finished, and Ian sent me the last picture.


Gentle readers, may I present to you Viridia Malleus, “the Green Hammer”.

I don’t believe that Ian’s actually planning to use the Knight in any games, not when he’s ass-over-teakettle in love with his Tau and Lokorsts (seriously, go check them out!). No, this is a display piece, something to place on his desk and make the Riptide feel incredibly inadequate. Great stuff. He probably took a load of in-progress photos he hasn’t sent me, so you should go check out his blog to read a more detailed walkthrough of how he assembled and painted this plastic goliath.

Of course, if he is tempted to go ahead and buy a second kit and make that Chaos Knight we talked about, that may top this…



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