Ian’s Workshop – Locorksts?

It’s been a while since Ian sent me pictures of any of his modelling stuff to show off; it’s been nearly a year since he made his Transformers inspired Tau Riptide, and while I keep pestering him to send me pictures of the other cool stuff he’s made, such as his “Sylvan Eldar”, he hasn’t stepped up; shame on him!

However recently he and three of his 40k junkie friends have started a “Tale of 4 Gamers” style challenge; each of them is starting a new army for 40k by budgeting themselves to a certain amount each month, and slowly building up a force. To be honest, it’s probably one of the best ways to start an army for 40k, because everyone’s buying a small amount at a time, thereby ensuring everyone’s on roughly the same level for points.

So, what army has Ian gone for? He’s played 40k for a very long time, and he’s tried almost every army there is; Tau are his favoured army, but in the past he’s used Dark Angels (Ravenwing and Deathwing), Chaos Marines (Slaanesh and Khorne), Eldar (Iyanden), Necrons, Dark Eldar, and Tyranids. Guy has bought a lot of little plastic dudes, is what I’m saying. However, this vast experience has left him with limited choice for an army he hasn’t played before. All was not lost though, as there was one obvious answer staring at him.

Obligatory "WAAAAAGH!!"
Obligatory “WAAAAAGH!!”

Orks are cool. They’re an army I played in my dying days of 40k, back when their current Codex was new, and I had a blast playing them. Massive units of Shoota Boyz, Looterz, Meganobz, Deff Dredds… it was a beautiful thing, if by beautiful you mean 100+ Orks storming across the board in an unstoppable tide in order to arrange a get-together between their boots and your teeth.

So, Ian made his choice, and because he loves theming his armies (I refer to the Transformers Riptide), he picked a doozy for his Orks. Quick, name a race from a series of well-known cover-shooty GRIMDARK video games that, like Orks, are totally violent, very strong and tough, have cool but unreliable guns, don’t give a crap about negotiation and peace, and are notoriously hard to totally exterminate?


Yep, the Locust from Gears of War! So, what are we looking at here? Well, albino Orks for a start, with a grungy black/red colour scheme. And as for conversion possibilities, well, spoilt for choice! Locusts have cool stuff like Boomers, Reavers, Dregs, Kantus Priests, Theron Guards… all sorts of great stuff that you could easily find equivalents to in the Ork army list. But enough rambling, let’s see what Ian’s done so far with his Locorksts.


Some Drones/Shoota Boyz. The white skin looks pretty damn good on Orks after all!


A Locorkst with a burna. Apparently Ian got the body for this guy and the ones around him from a miniatures company that sell crazy-awesome WW1 German Orks!


Some Boomers, made with plastic Warhammer Fantasy Ogre bodies! The Boomers could be Nobs with big shootas or rokkit launchers, but Ian’s planning to use them as Flash Gitz, probably because he likes the challenge of taking terrible units. If he was allowed to take Mandrakes and Pyrovores, I’m sure he would.


Some Kommadoes, being led by Snikrot cosplaying as a Kantus Priest. More of those awesome WW1 German Ork bodies being put to good use!


Even Locorksts need wheels! I love that gun on the top, it looks like something from Metal Slug!  I can’t even begin to describe how Ian cobbled this beast together… so I’ll let him do it!


And finally, a leader for the Locorksts! Who better to command them than General RAAM?

So that’s the first wave of Ian’s Locorksts, but I’m sure he’s going to stop there. He’s already rubbing his hands together and mumbling something about a Brumak conversion… I’m not going to lie, I’m scared.



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