HeroQuest 2014 : The Monsters

As well as avoiding the Traps of the dungeon that they explore, the Heroes of HeroQuest have to contend with the angry monsters whose home they’ve burst into uninvited!

As with the Heroes of my HQ2014 project, the Monsters have had a face-lift as well, and I’m using the lovely Super Dungeon Explore models. At the moment I only have the kobolds and drakes from the base game, but Von Drakk Manor is on my shopping list so I can get some of the awesome undead models.

I’ve fiddled with the stats of some of the Monsters, mostly buffing up the “tougher” dudes like Mummies, Fimir, and Chaos Warriors (well, their SDE equivalents) by giving them extra Body Points, and some Monsters have gained new special abilities.

Goblin <> Kobold Flinger

Move 10, Attack 2, Defence 1, Body 1, Mind 2. Ranged Attack.

Super fast and fragile, Goblins can still cause some hurt. In HQ2014 I’ve given them the ability to make ranged attacks, so they can still pester Heroes at a distance.

Orc <> Kobold Knucklehead

Move 8, Attack 2, Defence 2, Body 1, Mind 2.

Ah, the Orc. Standard dungeon-crawling fodder. Sure, they’ll die in droves, but they’ll overwhelm an unprepared Hero. Their Attack has been dropped from 3 to 2, to make them a little less intimidating.

Fimir <> Kobold Ironscale

Move 6, Attack 3, Defence 3, Body 2, Mind 2.

The Fimir is a tough cookie, with Attack and Defence equal to the Knight’s. With 2 Body Points, the Heroes will need to focus their attacks… or get the Wizard to hit him with a Fire Blast!

Skeleton <> Rattlebones

Move 6, Attack 2, Defence 2, Body 1, Mind 0. Diehard.

Skeletons are the basic undead monster. Fairly average stats all round really. What makes them stand out is the Diehard ability; if they would be destroyed, the Evil Master rolls a Dice, and on a 6 the Skeleton survives! It’s hard to kill what’s already dead.

Zombie <> Bonehead

Move 4, Attack 2, Defence 3, Body 1, Mind 0. Diehard.

The Zombie is slower than the Skeleton, but a little tougher. It also has Diehard, allowing to escape destruction 16.66% of the time.

The other 84% of the time.
The other 83.33% of the time.

Mummy <> Dust Knight

Move 4, Attack 3, Defence 4, Body 2, Mind 1. Diehard, Sturdy.

And finally the Mummy. Incredibly resilient with its Defence 4, 2 Body Points, Diehard, and Sturdy (making it win draws in Contests when it defends), it’s a chunky roadblock for the Heroes; a roadblock that can also fight back!

Chaos Warrior <> Drake

Move 6, Attack 4, Defence 4, Body 2, Mind 1. Elite, Weapon Master.

Chaos Warriors were also the most terrifying monsters for the Heroes to fight in original HQ, and I’ve run with that by making the Drake a daunting opponent. The Elite ability makes them immune to certain Spells, and Weapon Master lets him attack twice a turn. Ouch.

Gargoyle <> Sentinel

Move 2, Attack 4, Defence 4, Body 3, Mind 0. Elite, Ranged Attack, Sturdy.

Perhaps the biggest change. In place of Gargoyles, I’m using the Kobold Warren miniatures and handwaving them as magical sentries that shoot lasers at the Heroes. Seems fair enough to me!  

Like this, but less demon-penisy.
Like this, but less demon-penisy.

Chaos Sorcerer <> Kobold Priest

Move 6, Attack 3, Defence 3, Body 2, Mind 4. Elite, Magic Spells.

The Chaos Sorcerer never really had a place in the European HeroQuest. He didn’t have the spells that were available in the US version, thereby making him a pretty awful Sorcerer. His HQ2014 version gives him spells, picked from a list at the start of the Quest by the Evil Master.

Of course, there’s plenty of SDE models with no HQ equivalent, which means there’s plenty of opportunity to present the Heroes with brand new threats!

We’re entering the homestretch now; next time I’ll talk about the Quests themselves, and the powerful Relics that the Heroes may find.



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