HeroQuest 2014: The Rules

We’ve seen the Heroes of my HeroQuest 2014 project, but it’s important to know that it’s not just the adventurers who have received a face lift for this project; a lot of the dungeon exploration rules have changed as well, especially Traps and Treasure. But first, let’s just see exactly how the Hero’s turn goes;

Turn Sequence

Heroes act in the following order; Elf, Thief, Barbarian, Knight, Wizard, Dwarf.

A strange decision to make, but it makes it clear of the order that players should be acting. The slower characters may seem at a disadvantage, but they’ll be able to react to any bad stuff that the faster characters run into. A clear turn sequence also gives the players a little help in planning what the group is going to do. 

The Turn

On a Hero’s or Monster’s turn, that model can perform a Move and an Action, in any order.

When a Hero Moves, the player rolls the number of Movement dice for their Hero, applied any modifiers, then moves their Hero up to that number of spaces. The Evil Master moves Monsters in the same way, but Monsters have predetermined Movement values. Diagonal movement is not permitted. 

Actions include;

  • Making a Melee Attack against an adjacent, non-diagonal enemy. (models with the Weapon Master ability can make Melee Attacks against enemies diagonal to them
  • Make a Ranged Attack (if the model has an ability that lets them make Ranged Attacks) against an enemy in the same room/corridor as them. Unlike original HQ, line of sight is not required; if it’s in the same room or corridor, you can hit it. 
  • Search for Traps
  • Search for Secret Doors.
  • Search for Treasure.
  • Exchange items with an adjacent Hero.
  • Use a special item or ability that requires the use of an Action, such as the Thief using her Disarm Traps ability, the Wizard casting a Spell, or a Hero using the Moon Mirror Relic.

A Hero can also use one Potion on their turn; this doesn’t count as an Action (apart from the Dwarf’s Blasting Powder Potion).

Searching for Traps

If a Hero Searches for Traps, he searches the room/corridor he is in (if he is in a space that is part of more than one corridor, such as the head of the T-junction, select just one corridor). The Evil Master places a Trap marker on each Trapped square in that room/corridor.

Searching for Secret Doors

If a Hero Searches for Secret Doors, he searches the room/corridor he is in (if he is in a space that is part of more than one corridor, such as the head of the T-junction, select just one corridor). The Evil Master places any Secret Doors that may be present in that room/corridor.

Searching for Treasure


The rules for searching for Treasure were covered in my first HQ 2014 post. However, a big change to searching for Treasure is now that the Treasure deck from the original game is no longer used. Why? Because that deck was bullshit! Nearly half the cards resulted in the Hero being damaged! The remainder were special potions (now covered by the Heroes bringing special potions with them) , and gold, which quickly became redundant. So, gold is no longer in the game, because there’s no equipment to buy. Why? Because I’ve seen games of original HQ boil down to “search this room all day, farm gold, buy best weapons and armour.” It’s dull.

So what happens now when a Hero successfully searches for Treasure? Well, they can find their choice of an Alchemist’s Bomb, a Lucky Coin, or a Potion.

Alchemist’s Bomb – The Hero can expend an Alchemist’s Bomb as an Action to make a Ranged Attack that rolls 4 Dice. This counts as Fire Damage. (normally not important, but some Monsters have the Fireproof ability, making them immune to Fire Damage).

Lucky Coin – The Hero can expend a Lucky Coin to re-roll one of their Dice in a Contest.

Potion – The Hero can expend a Potion on their turn to do one of the following; regain 3 Body Points, cure themselves of Poison, or use the Special Potion effect of any Hero on the Quest.

I know what you’re thinking about that Potion description; Poison? Yep.



Some Traps, Spells and Monster attacks can leave a Hero Poisoned. A Hero remains Poisoned until they recover by using a Potion or by being cured by the Wizard’s Heal Wounds Spell.

At the start of the Evil Master’s turn, the Evil Master rolls a Dice for each Hero that is Poisoned. On a 4-6, that Hero loses 1 Body Point.

Monsters cannot be Poisoned.

And finally, let’s have a look at Traps. Now, in original HQ, you only really had two types of Traps; spear traps, which made you lose 1 Body, and pit traps. Other expansions added more traps, like swinging blades and explosions. How have I handled traps in HQ 2014? Read on…

Oh come on, you knew this was coming.
Oh come on, you knew this was coming.


When a Hero lands on a Trapped space and they were not aware of the Trap (i.e. there was no Trap marker on the space), they are automatically caught in the Trap. If a Hero lands on a Trapped space with a Trap marker on it, they can avoid harm as a Contest; the Hero rolls their Senses vs. 2 Dice. The Evil Master wins draws. If the Hero wins, they are unaffected, and the Trap activates harmlessly; remove the Trap counter. If the Hero loses, they are caught in the Trap.

A Hero that is caught in a Trap loses 1 Body Point and can’t move any further that turn. The Evil Master then rolls a Dice to determine what additional effect the Trap has.

1 – Shoved! – The Evil Master can move the Hero that triggered the Trap up to 3 spaces. (Yes, potentially into more Traps. Muahahaha!)

2 – Tangled! – The Hero that triggers the Trap can’t Move on their next turn.

3 – Poisoned! – The Hero that triggers the Trap is Poisoned.

4 – Dazed! – The Hero that triggers the Trap reduces their Attack, Defence, and Senses by 1 until the end of their next turn.

5 – Crushed! – The Hero that triggers the Trap loses 1 additional Body Point.

6 – Summoning! – The Evil Master places the Quest’s Wandering Monster in an occupied square adjacent to the triggering Hero. If there are no unoccupied spaces available, ignore this additional effect.

Those dungeons are pretty dangerous for Heroes, and that’s without taking the Monsters into consideration! I’ll look at them next time.




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