Triceraguessing: Born of the Gods

Well, Christmas is almost here, but to be honest I’m more excited about the countdown to the next addition to Theros block! I was  having a think the other day about what potential reprints we could see in Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx; while new sets are obviously all about the exciting new cards, there’s always a lot of pleasure that can be found in reprints, whether direct or functional (for those of you unsure what I mean, a functional reprint is a new card that has the exact same in-game effect as an existing card; for example, Lightning Strike is a functional reprint of M13’s Searing Spear)

I had a browse through Gatherer and looked for older cards that would support Theros’s enchantment theme, which, to be fair, we didn’t see too much of in the first set; yes, we had some enchantment creatures like the gods and nymphs, and the usual scattering of Auras, but very few direct enchantment interactions. Here’s a list of some older cards that I’d love to see make a comeback in either Born of the Gods or Journey into Nyx. Unsurprisingly, most are white or green.

maskAuras as a whole have improved a lot since the days of Masques, but I feel that the Mask still stands up to newer stuff like Ethereal Armour; you’re trading first strike and a cheaper cost for a battlefield-wide effect and a bigger power/toughness boost. With all the enchantments running around in Theros, I’d love to see this old gem make a comeback, though possibly tweaked slightly so that it also counts itself, or is slightly cheaper.

veiledThe original enchantment creatures! Back when I first started playing properly, it was Urza’s block, and my group and I loved these guys. I’d love to see a new cycle of “hidden” creatures like this, paying homage to these old-school classics; perhaps they could work mechanically in the same way as the gods, turning into creatures when a trigger is met, such as devotion to their colour being high enough?

On the subject of devotion…

worshipIf the whole Theros block – the block centred around heroes in service of the gods – passes without reprinting this iconic white enchantment, I will weep. I would however accept something similar where the “immortality” is based on devotion (to tie it to Theros’s mechanics), rather than having a creature out.

enchantressAh, “Enchantress”. When that iconic word appears in a card’s name, you know you’re in for something fairly degenerate, usually involving enchantments (duh) and card drawing. We’ve seen green enchantresses from Argoth, Verdura, Femeref, and Yavimaya (though the Yavimaya sister is considerably more belligerent than the others), though if you don’t want to summon a sexy druid lady, Onslaught allowed you to just have her presence. I could honestly see this as a reprint, though probably colour-shifted into white; call it something like “Ephara’s Teachings” or “Heliod’s Illumination” and you’re good to go.

chimesI loved this card back in the day, and I think it’s time for it to see the light again; after all,  Theros block seems like it would be the perfect place for some enchantment retrieval that all colours can benefit from! Considering that this could also act as a mass Disentomb depending how many enchantment creatures you’re running…  Oh, you killed all my nymphs and emissaries? Dingly-dingly-ding!

poetThis, to me, seems like the absolute perfect candidate for a direct reprint. The name, flavour, and ability are all absolutely spot-on for the Greco-Roman mythapalooza that is Theros. Love it, even to this day.

harpThe Poet’s less emo sister. Rather than killing herself to get an enchantment back, the Harpist is ready to blast apart Auras and bestow creatures with a wicked-sick shred. Oh, Nylea, the great goddess of the hunt, just granted you the primal strength of a thousand furious beasts? That’s cute! [/harp]

sealThere are six Seals, all of which act as cheap “rattlesnake” cards; i.e. they remain on the battlefield, passively threatening your opponent. They seem like they’d be awesome for Theros; they’re enchantments and can be reflavoured to represent the gods (please please let there be a 15-card “Seal of X God” cycle…), and until you use them, they stick around, adding to devotion!

daybreakTo be absolutely honest, I was very surprised we didn’t see this in Theros already. I have a sneaky suspicion that we’ll definitely see this, and you just know that the artwork will be Elspeth in some awesome ass-kicking pose, endowed with Heliod’s power, lighting her up like a Christmas tree of PAIN.

tutorWell, I can dream.

fwatchThis guy was pretty decent back in the day; I could see an updated version (call it “Polis Guardian” or something) that grants your enchantments – and maybe artifacts – hexproof. There is a chance that there would be great rage however, as hexproof is one of the most “Marmite mechanics” ever; you either love it or hate it.

As a sidenote, if “Marmite mechanic” isn’t already existing gaming slang, I’m coining it right the hell now.

Well, that’s about all the enchantment-interactiony cards I can think of that I’d like to see make an appearance or at least get a nod in the next two Theros instalments. I was considering Aura Thief (you may have noticed an Urza’s block theme), but I can’t imagine they’d let him see the light of day again, not as long as Enchanted Evening exists in Modern. It’s hard to imagine something that would generate as much rage as that g-





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