Just The Nicest Message Ever

You may recall that a while ago, I spent the day at Chi-Con playing a load of games, both ones I was familiar with and ones that were new to me.

One of these new games was Stak Bots from DogEared Games, a fun and cutesy card game with some interesting and unique game mechanics. Unfortunately, I had a less-than-perfect experience, and the demo game failed to grab me. I’m slightly ashamed to say that I was quite negative and dismissive, saying that “the guy running the demo game seemed really impatient and barely explained any rules” and “sorry DogEared Games, you lost a sale there.” 

It was therefore a surprise today when I received a message in my inbox today from Tom Norfolk, the guy who had run the demo game for me;

Hi Gareth,

I read your blog post about Chi-Con and I’d like to apologise. 

I’m sorry that you felt rushed during your game and didn’t get to experience it properly. You made the effort to come and see what the game was about, and we rushed you through it which isn’t cool. I hope you’ll understand that it’s tricky sometimes when you know something inside-out and are enthusiastic about it; it’s easy to forget that the person you are playing is new to it and they’re having to comprehend everything from step 1. 

I’d like to offer you a free copy of Stak Bots by way of recompense; if you’d like a more leisurely demo, let me know and we’ll have a drink/cup of tea/sit somewhere. 

Kind regards

Tom Norfolk

DogEared Games

That. That is how you do customer service. Tom didn’t need to contact me at all; he could’ve shrugged and said “whatever”, like a lot of game companies would do when someone bad-mouths them, and thought nothing more of it, but he took the time to contact me and apologise, and offer me a free copy of his game.

How much of an asshole do I feel right now?

I therefore declare that Tom Norfolk is a total and utter goddamn boss and the exemplar of how all gaming companies should interact and communicate with their community. If you support this rare kind of high quality customer service and relations within the tabletop gaming industry, you should absolutely go to the Stak Bots website and buy the card game, and/or get the app and play on the go!

Now I have to wonder if the next expansion pack will include a Chastened Bot…



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