NaNo, Day 21


That pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about NaNo this year. Real life has not only come a-knocking, it’s kicked down my front door, and is currently building a pillow fort in my front room, except the pillows are bullshit and the front room is ALL MY FREE TIME IN THE WORLD, EVAH.

Deep breaths.

So, yes, I am heinously behind in my word count. Still, I’ve done something, and I still have 9 days to go. Depths is now at a tidy 6000 words and growing and I broke 10k with Crush the other day. On top of that, a friend has finished proof-reading my new mini-story ‘Twas Brillig, so all I need to do is design a cover and I can pop that up on the Kindle store.

Still, never, ever going to hit 50,000 words. Probably doesn’t help that I’m also cannibalising the Iron Kingdoms RPG into some homebrew monster at the same time. Hmph.

Also, how about that YouTube? That shit is distracting. Here’s some stuff that’s distracted me over the past few weeks;




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