NaNo 2013; Day 10

Morning everyone! I don’t know about the weather where you are, but it’s a perfect autumn morning down here in my neck of the woods; bright and crisp and a tiny bit chilly. Lovely. The perfect weather for writers, which is good, because I am in need of some serious support.

I’ve fallen behind with my wordcount on NaNo; unfortunately real life has come a-knocking, and I’ve had to cut writing sessions short for other commitments, and it looks like the rest of the month will remain equally busy. Thankfully I’ve always got my lunch hour at work to churn out something, so it’s not a total loss.

So what am I actually writing for NaNo this year? Well, I’m doing the stupid thing of juggling three different stories at once, because apparently that’s how I roll…

  • Crush, a story about a young girl and  a mysterious admirer;
  • Depths, a short story about a guy who likes the sea a bit too much;
  • and Appetite, my spin on that age-old story of “man loses daughter, man meets carnivorous eldritch horror in basement, man adopts said carnivorous eldritch horror as a replacement for dead daughter”. You know how it is.

While down in Somerset over the last few days, I had another idea for a project which may or may not be terrible. It involves a pack of cards, fifty-two chapters, and cartomancy. We’ll see. Might be an idea for me to actually bloody finish one thing before starting on another…

Nothing planned for today except writing. Gotten my fix of Game Grumps and Facebook out of the way, so now it’s all work. Yay?

Oh, and 100th post! Actual Yay!




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