NaNo 2013 : Beginnings

National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow, and you can bet your tushy that I’ll be attempting it this year.

My previous attempts have been half-hearted, or outright dismal; strangely, NaNo has always competed with something else that’s required my attention, like a new girlfriend who needed woo’ing, or looking for a new job, or literally anything else shiny, noisy, and distracting.

This year though… hoboy. 2013 is my NaNo year. This year’s obviously been pretty excellent for my sense of confidence, as I’ve published a short novel and three novellas so far, and I’m pretty settled, so I can feel that I can totally spew out 50,000 words over the next 30 days, which works out to a daily word count of 1,666. Sounds intimidating, but totally doable.

I’m actually cheating somewhat as I’m not writing a new novel from scratch; instead I’m using the time to finish off two new short stories. They currently stand at 5,500 words and 10,200 words respectively, and I can see them exploding out of control and hitting 30,000 words at least. I do a lot of writing at work during my lunch hour, so I figure I can do about 600-800 words on one story at work, then make up my word count quota in the evening on the second story.

I may feel that 1,666 words a day is doable, but it’s still pretty intense. It means I won’t really be able to do anything on the blog during November, but I may chip in at the end of each week with an update on how things are going. We’ll see.

If any of you are also taking the NaNo challenge to write a novel in a month, I wish you all the best!

See you in a month!





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