Limited Use – Theros, Part 3

Today I’m finishing my cherry-picking of awesome commons and uncommons of Theros. I’ve already done white, blue, black and red, so obviously that just leaves green, and the oddballs of multicolour and colourless. The end is in sight, and Nylea is with me! Onwards!

centaurNow that’s a Heroic ability! Okay, he starts out as overcosted as a 3/3 for 5, but he’ll quickly get out of control. After all, you’re playing green! After white, there’s no colour that loves creatures buff as much! There’s some decent cheap buffs like Titan’s Strength in red, and Hunt the Hunter and Savage Surge (more on that below) in green, so Mr. Horse here has some good support. Green-white heroic looks like a pretty good deck archetype. Not as good as red-white heroic in my opinion, but hey…

nemesisMEGASNAKE HUNGERS. I can’t help but feel that this guy should’ve been in Innistrad where his ability would’ve been pure sex, but he’s still great here. You should be able to cheat him out for three or four mana quite reliably, and that intimidatingly high monstrosity cost will just get cheaper as the game drags on. And then, BAM! MEGASNAKE! RAWR!

ordealAs I’ve mentioned, Theros is a set full of fatties, so ramping up into six-plus land is going to be a high priority. This is probably my favourite of all the Ordeals, as it provides an ongoing buff, and finally results into an Explosive Vegetation. Khalni Heart Expedition was popular in Zendikar Limited, so I expect this to show up in a few decks at the weekend. I just need to get over the recurring brainfart that the counters are removed once the Ordeal is sacrificed…

surgeI was almost certain that this was a reprint, and I was right! For some reason I thought it was much older than it is, but I was surprised to find out that we saw this in Return to Ravnica last year! The big difference is the drop from uncommon to common, so, y’know, celebrations there. This is a great combat trick; nothing throws a wrench in an opponent’s plan like a) a surprise blocker, and b) a buffed surprise blocker.

scorpNot much I can say about this little guy other than he serves the role that all small deathtouch creatures serve; grade-A deterrent. If you can get first strike or regeneration on him, or buff his toughness (or all three), then he’ll be a massive pain, and force no-win situations for your opponent. He’s not Deadly Recluse, but he’ll do.

fox“Ah, finally, some muscle for my green-white Kitsune deck!” said NO-ONE EVER (apart from that one guy. You know the one.). Foxy’s a good old-fashioned no-frills beatstick that performs well in Limited while hilariously obsoleting Yavimaya Wurm. Run him, cast him, point at opponent, proceed to stomp face. Can’t get more straight-forward than that.

lessonThe fact that I’ve mentioned four out of the five “teamwork” spells should indicate how good they are. This is the one that’s probably getting the most attention on forums, as people seem quite excited about potentially getting two Heroic triggers and drawing two cards for one mana at instant speed. And you know what? You should be excited too! Provides a Heroic deck that might otherwise end up running on empty a decent boost of fuel.

hoppySo apparently red-white gets all the good toys these days. Not that I’m complaining, Boros all the way! This guy’s obviously a 2/2 at least on the attack, but send him into the red zone with a load of buddies and he’ll shoot up to silly levels. Throw trample or evasion on him, and he’ll leave a mark. Also, WOW, I WONDER IF HE WILL WORK IN STANDARD WITH BATTALION, WINK WINK.

revelrySooo… you may not have heard this, but Theros has an enchantment theme. So, enchantment destruction is usually going to double as creature kill. While there’s some decent-ish green enchantment/artefact hate like Fade into Antiquity and Artisan’s Sorrow, Destructive Revelery is the cheapest, and tacks on a Shock for good measure. Of course, you’ll have to run red-green, but red-green actually seems pretty viable, and this is one the cards that makes it look so viable.

horizonThere’s a lot of Chimeras in Theros, and this one is my favourite, probably because it’s in one my favourite colour combinations. For the cost, a 3/2 with three great abilities is a fantastic deal, and although the lifegain ability may seem unimpressive, it’s free and repeatable, and if you and your opponent are racing, that one life per turn can really end up making a difference.

menderA Gorgon without deathtouch!? BLASPHEMY! Oh, she’s decently costed for a chunky body and a decent recursion ability? All is forgiven! I don’t know how good black/green may end up being on the day (black seems so weak compared to the other four colours), but this seems like gold for casual constructed or Commander players on a budget.

hartNow, call me weird, but I really, really like this, and not just for Limited, but for casual constructed, and Commander decks that don’t run green. It’s a colourless Explosive Vegetation on legs! How is that not awesome? It’s this guy (along with the Ordeal above) that will let you ramp up scary-fast and cast/monstrify your big expensive dudes. A really excellent utility creature.

prowlerIf you’re not lucky enough to open the excellent Aqueous Form, this is a perfectly acceptable alternative (especially as you can move it around as needed). Evasion wins games, and being unblockable is obviously the ultimate in evasion. In Theros, there’s only one Wall, so rejoice, and swing away!


Well, that’s it, those are my top common and uncommon picks for the Theros prerelease this weekend! Chances are I’ve probably missed out some other excellent cards which may prove to be sleepers, and obviously I haven’t talked about some of the excellent rares and mythics! Hmm… something for tomorrow, maybe?



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