Last Stand of the Wreckers, Part 2

Back to Last Stand of the Wreckers! I bet you were thinking I’d forgotten about this. Well, you’d be partially correct.

So, when we last left our recklessly heroic Autobot commandos, they’d gone on a mission to find and liberate the mysterious Aequitas from the maximum security prison Garrus-9, currently under the control of a bunch of Decepticon psychopaths led by the big daddy of Decepticon psychopaths, Overlord. Oh, and Rotorstorm, one of the new Wrecker recruits, had his skull violently evacuated by said big daddy Decepticon psychopath.

Like a balloon full of scrap metal and strawberry ice cream being popped.
Like a balloon full of scrap metal and strawberry ice cream being popped.

Meanwhile, the other team, under Springer’s command, split up; Kup and Guzzle are sent to “get help as discussed”, while Springer, Impactor, and Twin Twist push on to rescue other Autobot prisoners. However, they proceed to fall at the first hurdle when they blunder into a room, trigger a security system, get electrocuted, and go offline. Tremendous stuff. Well done for sending the elite, Autobot High Command!

Overlord continues to effortlessly thrash Perceptor’s team. Stalker, one of his cronies, then alerts him to the presence of other Wreckers (the “more famous ones”, in Overlord’s words). Overlord makes an announcement to his Decepticons; anyone who brings him the head of a Wrecker can “leave”. Hmm. Overlord’s announcement causes the Decepticons to surge forward, hungry for blood/fuel. I guess none of them thought to try and pick up Rotorstorm’s head and turn that in. Perceptor’s team manage to escape by blowing up a convenient container of flammable material. As they regroup, Ironfist proceeds to have a little bit of a breakdown.


He snaps out of it, and they push on. Perceptor wonders aloud how the Decepticons managed to crack all the security codes to the prison, a question that is answered when they find Fortress Maximus, who has seen better days. Blinded and crippled, Max is essentially a vegetable after three years of torture at Decepticon hands, and is hooked up to a terminal while his brain is scrambled to extract all the access codes; it seems though that even after all that time, Overlord still hasn’t managed to get access to Aequitas. Perceptor, being the smartest robot-microscope there is however, manages to open the maximum security door to Aequitas.

While all this is going on, Springer, Impactor and Twin Twist are in deep trouble. Strapped down and with Stalker hovering over them with a scalpel and being generally creepy, they’re about to get a taste of what Max went through…

Kup and Guzzle are down in the lower levels, on the hunt for the “help” that Springer mentioned earlier. They go to open a cell, but it’s empty. Turns out they’re looking from Grimlock, because when you need to take down a rogue Decepticon phase-sixer then you make sure you bring a T-Rex to the fight. A Decepticon called Snare steps out of hiding and surrenders to the two Wreckers, telling them that Grimlock basically went mad as Overlord made him watch the atrocity. Of course, this does raise the question of “if Grimlock was kept locked up in the high-security cell, where is he now?”. It’s one of the few holes in the story, as Grimlock’s absence is never explored or questioned again. Apparently the original draft of the story would’ve had a climatic throwdown between Overlord and a maddened Grimlock, but we couldn’t have that, nooooo…

Fulfilling your daily robot dinosaur quota since 1985.

Back with Perceptor’s team, and they’ve found Aequitas, which isn’t a Transformer like most of the team have expected, but instead a supercomputer that calculates guilt. Aequitas is essentially a robot judge, and Perceptor’s team mission is to download the contents of its hard drive so that it doesn’t fall into Decepticon hands, something that Topspin, Ironfist, Pyro and Verity don’t seem too fussed about, given their more immediate concerns.

Like a balloon full of scrap metal and strawberry ice cream being popped.
Pictured: More immediate concerns.

In the torture room, while Stalker is out to get more toys, Springer remarks on Impactor’s resilience to the torture so far. Impactor comments that he’s not immune to torture, just used to it after his time in G9. Springer angsts a little, thinking that Impactor would’ve been treated well, but Impactor rages against him, reminding him that what he did was pretty damn naughty.

Impactor has the most epic grump face in Transformer history.
Impactor has the most epic grump face in Transformer history.

What exactly did Impactor do to end up in Garrus-9? Well, while Perceptor and Pyro muck around with Aequitas, Ironfist tells Verity  a story about the Wreckers, a mission on a little world called Pova, and a group called Squadron X …



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