Maze’s End, and Hubble Bubble

Just a quick post, because I am effing shattered from playing Magic all day at the Dragon’s Maze pre-release. It’s a hard life, I know.

Chose Gruul, and had Golgari as my secret ally. At first I was dubious, seeing as I’ve never had a good relationship with black-green, but I opened some pretty good stuff (though a little light on removal for my liking) and ended up building a Golgari-Gruul-Rakdos lovechild of a deck which performed decently.

I love Sealed, because cards that you wouldn’t otherwise look at twice are suddenly all-star gold. For example, Daggerdrome Imp is just a 1/1 with flying and lifelink; nothing to get excited about… that is until you play Sealed where a cheap creature with evasion and that gains you life when it connects can turn the tide of a game all by itself, especially if you can buff it up.

So, what made my Sealed deck good? The Imp – as mentioned -, Dreg Mangler, Act of Treason, Exava, Sluiceway Scorpion… I was always happy to see at least one of those. But the real star of today was a card I’d overlooked completely when browsing through the Dragon’s Maze spoiler.


Every game I cast this, I won. In fact, this was my finisher in three matches. There were a few games where I had to use Toil on its own to dig deeper into my deck, but that was fine, because I like Sign in Blood, and Toil is less colour intensive. The real beauty came with a fused Toil and Trouble. Dragon’s Maze Sealed is a very slow format, so 6 mana to fuse Toil and Trouble is nothing. By the time I could cast both halves, my opponent usually had at least 3 cards in hand. One Toil and Trouble later, they’re 7 life worse off. For 6 mana in Sealed, that’s incredible value. Considering the rest of my deck was aggro, that 7 life was usually enough to seal the deal.

Good day. Ended up W5-D0-L1, came fifth overall, got more cards. Opened Ruric Thar (MIGHTY IS HE) six hours too late, but better late than never. Also opened a Legion’s Initiative and Skylasher, aka the silly-money cards, and traded for a bunch of cheap rares for use in Casual and Filthy Commander decks. Everyone’s a winner!

Bed now. Getting old. Playing my favourite game in one of my favourite ways all day makes me sleepy. Harrumph.



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