Dragon’s A-Maze-Ing

I’m off to a Dragon’s Maze prerelease event this Sunday, and there’s quite a few cards that have caught my eye! Let’s take a look at them.


New Morphling! 6 mana may be steep for Constructed, but it’s no biggy for the casual multiplayer games I play. This guy will be a pain when he’s hit the battlefield, flickering himself away from removal, and swinging for unblockable damage. A very nice successor to the original “Superman”.


Hurray for zombie Pope! This is precisely what I wanted from everyone’s favourite evil Catholic ghost mafia guild, an extort “lord”. I can’t help but feel that this is what the new Teysa should’ve been, but I’m not complaining as Ponty is single-colour and not legendary. The idea of having multiples out makes me slightly damp.


And an evolve “lord” as well! Charles Darwin here is seriously tempting me to make some kind of monstrous Golgari-Simic plant-mutant-frog-zombie-fish deck. I can’t wait to have Darwin on the table at the same time as his good Golgari buddy Corpsejack Menace (or “Jacky” as I like to call him).


I AM THE LAW. 4 mana for a 3/2 with evasion and immunity to targeted removal? Yes please! Sure, it’s no Invisible Stalker, but come on, we all know deep down that guy was a mistake. My friend will be praying for at least two of these when he chooses Azorius on Sunday. I’ll be wanting at least one for the Bruna, Light of Alabaster Filthy Commander deck I’m planning.


The Boros Legion continues to demonstrate that if you want a good Minotaur, just add white mana to those traditionally red (and traditionally bad) bull-headed brawlers; first the Reckoner, now this guy. I admit, I did a double-take on this one; I presumed it triggered only when your spells damaged an opponent. Then I read it properly, and now I like him a lot more.


I love Kiln Fiend, and thus I’m a big fan of his fatter, monocular cousin. Unlike the Fiend, Big Daddy here can hang back and play defence until you’re ready for that one turn of spellslinging fury that makes him a one-eyed wrecking ball. On a sidenote, I find it weird that Cyclopses (Cyclopi?) are distinctive enough to get their own type, and aren’t classified as Ogres or Giants instead. Also, dat art.


At casual glance, it looks like a fairly dull reanimation spell. And then you see it says “permanent”. Happy times cheating Omniscience into play! At the absolute minimum, it’s a decently-costed reanimation spell for black-white Commander decks.


FINALLY. After teasing us since he was introduced in Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, I’m glad to see that Ral has made his appearance, and has some awesome abilities. A perfect Izzet-themed planeswalker. I can’t help but grin at his ultimate. A potential of five Time Walks? Oh, go on then.


I frigging love split cards, and Dragon’s Maze has spoiled me with fifteen more! And even better, with the introduction of new keyword Fuse, no longer do you have to choose between the halves! Both sides of this card are great on their own, but when cast together… well, your whole army becomes a god damn war crime for a turn.


RURIC THAR, MIGHTY IS HE! Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite card in the whole set. I’ll be picking Gruul on Sunday purely because of Ruric, and I’m planning to make a full-blown Gruul deck for Casual with nothing but land and creatures with bloodrush or ETB abilities. Ruric will be in it, and he (they?) WILL ruin your day. Especially if you’re playing control. RURIC SMASH SQUISHY CONTROL PLAYER!


Move along, nothing to see here, just an updated and keyworded version of Armadillo Cloak, one of the best Auras ever printed. Oh, wait, that totally isn’t nothing to see. Awesome! I foresee disgusting things in Limited if this manages to go onto an Ascended Lawmage.


Maybe not as exciting as some of the other cards at first glance, but this is utter Limited gold. A 2/2 with haste for 3 is okay, but it’s the +2/+2 buff when it comes in that makes this guy scary. Again, Boros seem to set the trend for taking notoriously bad red creatures – Viashino in this case – and making them better with a little white mana. Dual-wielding velociraptor samurai is gonna mess you up.

Good luck to everyone who’ll be at a Dragon’s Maze prerelease this weekend. May your packs be loaded with shocklands, and free of jank like Trait Doctoring (guess who just jinxed what rares they pull!)



4 thoughts on “Dragon’s A-Maze-Ing

  1. SvT was pretty good, not as great as Elspeth vs Tezzeret, but a Hellrider, new-art Browbeat, and new-frame Sulfuric Vortex and Breaking Point were adequate compensation for Tibbles.

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