Coming Soon!

Just a tiny update…

With the Easter break approaching (and five glorious days off), I have plenty of material to be posting up over the next couple of weeks. I just bought Black Library’s The Sigillite audio drama and Chris Wraight’s very wolfywolf Blood of Asaheim, so hopefully I can get some reviews done on those. Ian and I are hoping to get some serious gaming and painting done over Easter, so expect some piccies of models (especially his yummy Deathwing Knights), some gushing about Space Hulk, and a post on our little pet project Dust Victory, the bastard child of Dust Tactics models and modified Warhammer 40,000 rules.

What else…?

I’ll be continuing the Memories of Elberwick, of course.  A couple of friends have asked me to teach them how to play Magic: the Gathering, so who knows, I might do a musing on that. Those same friends have also promised to show me The Hobbit tabletop game, which I’m prepared to give a go, given their enthusiasm for it.

Then there’s next Saturday’s board game night where (hopefully) I can get my sweaty mitts on FFG’s new board game Relic, aka Talisman IN SPAAAAACE. Failing that, I’ll be happy to play some more Arkham Horror or X-Wing. Man, I love me some board games. Oh, and the RPG virgins I look through Edge of the Empire have requested another game, so I need to think of an adventure. Will it still be Star Wars, or something  a bit different? The Eberron campaign guide on my shelf is looking awfully inspiring…

And on top of all that, I’ve got to finish some short stories for an anthology to pop up on the Kindle store! I warn you now, there will a lot of pimping and shameless self-promotion when those go up.

tldr; zomg I are teh busy with nerd guff.





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