Memories of Elberwick, Part 2

So, we have the cast, and we have our basic story. On with the actual events, as best as I can remember them…

When I run RPGs, I usually try and make the PCs part of some kind of organisation (such as said paranormal investigation agency), where they have a boss who can hand out assignments. I’ve tried to stray away from this in recently, but in the first few years that was my usual opening blurb; you’re all new members of this organisation,(insert blurb about organisation), and one day your boss calls you in for a briefing… It gives the players a clear mission, and they can ask any questions and get any clarifications during the “mission briefing”.

The boss of the agency tells them about Elberwick and the strange occurrences, and he’s under the impression that this will be a good mission for the newbies; a quick recon, check out what’s happening, get out, and call in with an update. Easy peasy. But the players knew better than that…

We had a few moments to let the characters talk amongst themselves and build some rapport (though everyone was equally contemptuous and terrified of Ryan’s Doctor), and then cut ahead to their train journey. They all caught some sleep during the long journey, though Gareth said his detective would use the time to brush up on the case details. After about four hours (they were travelling from London to the middle of nowhere in the Midlands), it’s evening, and it’s dark. There’s an announcement that due to signalling faults, the train will stop at the small town of Gunfield, the town just before Elberwick.

The players confronted the guard and said that they needed to get to Elberwick pronto; I think they may have flashed their badges and claimed to be government officials. They were told that service will resume tomorrow morning, or if they needed to get there urgently, they could probably get a taxi in town (Elberwick was about a 40-minute drive from Gunfield). Frank and the Doctor shrug and accept it and head down into town. Edge however… eesh.

Emi declare that her character is going to follow the tracks to get to Elberwick. I said this would probably take about three to five hours to walk there in the dark, but apparently that wasn’t enough of a deterrent, and off she went. This marks the first time ever I had to deploy “GM Bullshit”. I told her that a fog had descended, and as she walked into the fog, she blundered around for a while until finally emerging… back at Gunfield station. Still not enough of a deterrent.

Finally, I had to resort to reminding Emi that this was my first time GMing and to maybe wait until the second or third session to start fucking with me. She agreed. Compromise!

Edge finally joined the guys at the local bed and breakfast. Apparently there were no taxis, but there would be in the morning. The group decided that they might as well spend the night in the B&B, and while they were there, question the friendly locals and try and find out a bit more about what has happening in Elberwick.

Eventually, the group headed to their rooms for the night, apart from crazy man Frank, who can never sleep thanks to the coffee that is permanently part of his circulatory system. In the small hours of the morning, the group is suddenly woken by loud crashing sounds downstairs. Guns get cocked, and everyone plays SWAT team as they go downstairs to check out the sounds which are coming from the darkened dining room. They kick down the doors, and there in the room, among the overturned tables and strewn crockery, they see…


Yeaaah, so I’d been playing The Suffering as well.

So, there were the rookie agents up against three twitching creepy creatures with meat-cleaver hands. How did this go down? Well, I’ll tell you next time, but I will tell you that the fight started with the words “We mean you no harm.”


I was not kidding about the diplomacy.



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