Back in the Game, Part 2

So I’ve had my hands on the delicious Dark Vengeance stuff for a while now. What have I done with it? Well, see for yourself…

The only thing worse than Chaos Space Marines? Chaos Space Marines who are all about the bling-bling.

Obviously I’m not going to win any kind of painting awards any time ever, but I’m happy how these guys in gold have turned out. The paint scheme is dirt-simple; black undercoat, gold armour, and then a very heavy black ink wash. The result is a nice, dirty, evil-looking tarnished gold.

They still need a bit of touching up and work done on the bases, but these guys should be all ready to go by the time I get my grubby mitts on the new Chaos Codex and challenge Ian and his filthy Dark Angels to a good old-fashioned throwdown. Glory to the Dark Gods!



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