Only a short session last night, so a bitesize update on my player’s mishaps in Gamma World !

So, following the botched brawl in the factory, and after my players had ooo’ed and aaah’ed over their shiny new Omega Tech, Xing Xing (nursing a broken hip after being thrown off a 15-foot high conveyor belt “for his own good” by the plaguebearer) led them on through another doorway.

This is where I have to hold my hand up and admit to sticking my players on the railroad somewhat.

After some very, very unsubtle prompting (“FOR GOD’S SAKE, ASK THE BUNNY SOME QUESTIONS”), they found out a little bit more about the mysterious Dr Bao Fang, the mastermind behind Bao Fang Industries. Apparently the dastardly super scientist had been kidnapping innocent Gammaterrans and brainwashing them into joining his army. Why does Dr Bao Fang need an army? To rule the world of course (though one could argue that trying to rule a world like Gamma Terra is akin to wrestling with a pile of jellied uranium).

After a few minutes running down unfamiliar corridors, the players came to another mysterious door (you may have started to notice I like including mysterious doors). The ectoplasmic lesbian android went all ghosty and stuck her head through for a peek, finding the room beyond to be a big detention room, full of cell-cubes straight out of Judge Dredd, patrolled by security robots while a trio of hoop security guards fiddled with buttons and consoles at the far end of the room.

 The players decided to channel their inner Solid Snakes, and go all sneaky-weaky to get the drop on the bunny guards. This made me fairly happy, as I got to run that most rare and controversial of 4th edition rules beasts; THE SKILL CHALLENGE.

 Everything went well; the chronically unlucky prescient plaguebearer (perhaps foreseeing his terrible luck) decided to hang back, but the ectodroid, bug, and psychic zombie all decided to take their chances. After a few solid Stealth rolls (and an inspired use of Mechanics to disable one of the robot sentries) the trio snuck up on the hoop guards and sucker-punched them into sweet fuzzy oblivion.

They sprung the cells, and released the prisoners, one of which was a gorilla made out of stone. I called him Rock Kong, because I choose to show my disdain for my group in the form of soul-shattering puns. A few daring plans of escape were made, when suddenly blue force-fields of GM-bullshit-anium sprung up in front of the doors, and a doom-laden speech was delivered by Dr Bao Fang over the PA, informing the players that a squad of elite hoop gunbunnies was on the way, and that they should get ready for a spanking…

Big brawl in the prison coming up!



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