The Path of Apathy

If there’s one thing that defines me, it’s probably my uncanny ability to faff around. Procrastinate. Put off. Delay. Not bother.

It’s not a trait I’m proud of, but I’d be deluding myself to think that I’m the sort of person that Gets Shit Done.

Well, new year and all that. Might as well start deluding myself before Cthulhu and Megatron team up and end existance just before Christmas. Oh you wacky Mayans! I’m not normally one for apocalypses, but I’d be okay with an Elder God taking pop-shots at major cities with a Decepticon hand cannon. Throw in Galactus and Darth Vader, and that’s a doomsday I’d look forward to.

I think I mentioned delusions?

Anyway, I’ve made some resolutions. This range from the nerdy and immature, to the very sensible and mature (again with the delusions!).

Resolution 1 – Holy Shit, Do Some Actual God Damn Writing

I love the theory of creative writing. I love to world-build, and imagine characters, and half-structure plots and play out fragments of scenes in my head. Where I fall down is the practical side of things, i.e. spending the time to write stuff down. And when I do write stuff down, it takes a lot for me to maintain a high interest in that project. 

As an example, a few years ago I was undertaking my first NaNo WriMo, a shits-and-giggles worldwide exercise in which you have a month (November, to be precise) to write a 50,000 word novel. I started a story about a brother-sister duo who are antiques dealers and enjoy playing the in-and-out game with one another. Basically, it was Cruel Intentions meets Bargain Hunt

I got about 27,000 words in, and just stalled. Full dead stop. Haven’t touched it since. This bothers me.

Last year for NaNo, I wanted to expand a short story I’d written from my writing club. I’m still pecking at this, and I have it at just under 20,000 words, but again, I haven’t worked on it for a while.

On top of that, I have ideas for a potential fantasy trilogy based on an old D&D campaign I used to run, and about three skeletons for Warhammer 40,000 short stories. All unfinished.

This is somewhat of an issue, as I’d love nothing more than to be able to make a living by writing. Independent publishing is much simpler these days, thanks to the ability to publish exclusively for eBook readers. So, resolution is to finish a couple of these short stories, get them properly proof-read and edited, whack them up on the Kindle store, and hope for the best, all by the end of the year.

Resolution 2 – Loads of Nerdy Projects to Finish

I love to houserule RP games, and to write up new ones. I mentioned in one of my first posts that Dark Heresy hadn’t done too well in my group. Since then however, I’ve picked up Black Crusade, and holy hot damn, it’s a lot better. Characters are more powerful and a lot of rules are tighter and streamlined. Thus, naturally, began my project of tweaking Dark Heresy and Deathwatch to match the template of Black Crusade. I’m not creating a lot from scratch, but there is a lot of fiddling around with Talents and stuff to do.

As for the traditional sword-and-sorcery side of things, I’m sorry to say I’ve gone off D&D 4th edition completely after a few demoralising D&D Encounter nights. I was looking at Pathfinder with an interested glance, but that would be too easy! The logical thing was to start writing up a completely new D20-based game! It’s early days on this project, but I’m aiming to create a gritty low-magic game that matches the mood and atmosphere of Innistrad, the latest Magic the Gathering set. The iconic monsters of the night have all manner of unholy powers, and only a few gutsy humans with silver daggers, repeating crossbows, and sweet tricorn hats can keep the torch of human civilisation burning.

All this talk of RP leads onto the final nerdy resolution…

Resolution 3 – Enjoy More Nerdy Things!

This falls in with the first resolution, in that it requires me to write and prepare things. I really, really want to play some RP stuff, but assembling a group is tough for me. I’m at that uncomfortable stage of life where friends are starting to drift apart, and everyone’s free time is being taken up with more important and responsible activities.

That being said, there’s no reason why we can’t set aside a few weekday evenings every month so that we can roll dice and geek the fuck out. I have all manner of RP games that we have never played a session of, boardgames that have been played exactly once (poor Tannhauser), and Magic decks that are withering away from neglect. Well no more I say!

2012. Year of the Tzaph. Year of the Geek!




3 thoughts on “The Path of Apathy

  1. You are a crazy man. There, I said it. Also, now I have to check out Innistrad. Thanks for that!

    In any case, we’re booting up a new play-by-post RPG on the Golden Throne, if you’re interested in coming back. Here’s a link!

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