Besieging is Believing

Last post, I banged on a little bit about how much I love Richard Garfield’s Cardboard Crack, aka Magic; the Gathering, and I thought I’d use this opportunity to gush about the new set –  Mirrodin Besieged – before I trot along to a prerelease this weekend.

The contents of Besieged aren’t exactly secret, since MTG Salvation ( has been steadily uncovering spoilertastic gold about Besieged almost since Scars was released, and the main MtG site ( are into their second week of spoilers.

So, what tasty stuff is jumping out at me? I’m sorry to say I’m slotting right into the stereotypical nerd role of being a massive Phyrexual deviant (because damn it, poisonous hellmachines are sexy) so a lot – but not all – of my favourite reveals from Besieged have the Phyrexian watermark.


Accorder Paladin – Firstly, 3/1 for 1W makes me happy because it reminds me of Blade of the Sixth Pride from Future Sight. However, this Knight isn’t vanilla but has the new battle cry ability, which means he’ll swing for 4 at the very least, and buff up your whole army at most. EDIT – no it doesn’t mean he swings for 4 on his own, this’ll teach me to RTFC.

Divine Offering – Epic reprint is epic, that’s all I need to say.

Hero of Bladehold – Accorder Paladin on crack. Almost worth picking Mirran at the prerelease so you get her as your promo, but she’ll clearly be one of the mythics in the upcoming Knights vs Dragons duel deck.

Master’s Call – I like Dragon Fodder. I love instant-speed Dragon Fodder in white. EDIT – Brainfart, totally forgot about Raise the Alarm. Screw you Master’s Call!

Phyrexian Rebirth – Wrath variant. Wipe out all creatures, then get a big Horror token with P/T equal to the number of creatures that had their day ruined. A friend of mine is already planning to replace the playset of Wraths in his black-white control deck with these. The casting cost of 6 instead of Wrath’s/Day’s 4 means very little to a casual group.


Corrupted Conscience – I liked Mind Control anyway, but whacking on infect as well for the controlled creature for no extra cost? Sweet. Also; fantastic artwork with tainted Karn. Wants four pwease.

Steel Sabotage – This is obviously going to be a bit bonkers in Limited, (EDIT – It wasn’t) One blue mana to either counter an artefact spell or bounce an artefact. Utterly sublime, I’ll crowbar these into my deck on the day if I have to (EDIT – I did, it sucked).

Vedalken Infuser – The bastard lovechild of Energy Chamber and Horned Turtle that gives you a free charge counter for an artefact each turn. I have a Peasant deck based around Golem Foundry and Contagion Clasp that’ll love this guy.


Concussive Bolt – For five mana, you nail your opponent for 4 to the dome. Then if you have metalcraft (you control three or more artifacts for the uninitiated), creatures can’t block for the turn. This card will win games, pure and simple.

Hero of Oxid Ridge – Hero of Bladehold’s angry boyfriend. He doesn’t poop out a mini-army each time he attacks, but he makes your rampaging army immune to walls and chump-blocking weenies.

Slagstorm – “Oh hey Firespout. Yeah, you can go home now.”  It sucks this is rare, but hey – super Pyroclasm or weaker Flame Rift ain’t too shabby.


Praetor’s Counsel – Oh hell yes. This is what an 8-mana mythic sorcery should do. You get your whole graveyard back into your hand, and you have an unlimited hand size for the rest of the game. It’s just a shame I won’t get to use this card, because this is probably going to be the set’s Silly Money Card ™. (EDIT – It isn’t) Then again, I opened a Mox Opal at the Scars prerelease, so who knows.

Blightwidow and Rot Wolf – More awesome green infect guys, which suits me fine! Blightwidow is Giant Spider with infect, and Rot Wolf is 2/2 that gives you cards when it kills something. My mono-green Peasant infect deck will be a lot happier.


Bonehoard – I like all the living weapon Equipment that have been spoiled so far (in summary, a living weapon Equipment gives you a 0/0 Germ token when it enters the field, and the Equipment goes straight onto the Germ), but this is my favourite. Equip it, and bam, instant Lhurgoyf. Ach! Run Hans!

Brass Squire – Remember Auriok Windwaker? Yeah, me neither. I love this little guy and you just know that moving around Equipment at instant speed is going to catch someone out.

Decimator Web – I laughed out loud when I saw this card. It’s silly, and it’s not even that good, but come on! It’s an artefact that literally decimates your opponent each time you use it, draining them for 2 life, giving them a poison counter, and milling them for six.

Knowledge Pool – Totally mental. You know what? Read Noel deCordova’s article on ( and you’ll see how totally mental Knowledge Pool can be.

Psychosis Crawler – I want to bust this thing wide open with Consecrated Sphinx and Skyscribing.

There’s obviously plenty of other things I could talk about (new Tezzeret, Glissa, Thrun, the Zenith cycle, Sword of Feast of Famine), but there’s lots of other sites doing exactly the same.

All I can really say to finish is that I’m very excited about Besieged and the prerelease this weekend. If any of my readers are Magic geeks as well and attending a prerelease this weekend, I wish you the very best of luck!


– Tzaph


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