Compulsory chirpy introduction, I choose you!


It’s not very effective…

Wild INTERNET USER lost interest!

Yes, this thing is only a few minutes old and I’m already busting out the Pokémon references. No, I’m not sorry.

Welcome to the first installment of what will eventually be the dumping ground for the churning, nauseous innards of my unashamedly geeky man-child brain. Sure, sometimes I might post something vaguely serious, but for the most part, expect random musings on everything from oddly-shaped dice to just exactly where Optimus Prime’s trailer goes (answer: released into the paddock with all the other trailers).

Hear that sound? That was two-thirds of my potential readers running away. Far, far away.

The third of you that stayed?


More soon.

And welcome!   

 – Tzaph


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